Batch Download Assets from Zeplin

Simple Node.js script to download all component assets using Zeplin API

Image from Zeplin Gazette

As a follow up to my post on making SVG icon component in Vue, I wanted to share a Node.js script my team uses to batch download SVG icons our designers upload in Zeplin styleguides.

Zeplin provide a neat API to access resources and other data saved in your projects and styleguides. You need to provide a styleguideId as a command line arg and have your Zeplin access token saved inZEPLIN_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable that is exported in your Bash shell.


Create a script in your package.json so you can npm run geticons:

"scripts": {
"geticons": "node get-icons.js <styleguideId here>"

Hope this is helpful 🙂

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