Why We Cannot Seem to Achieve — The Self Barrier

You are here because you are interested in learning about why you can’t do the things you want to do and how to defeat this inability. It’s something I like to call the Self Spiral or Self Barrier. It’s complicated and I could literally talk about it until I am blue in the face but I know a lot of people, myself included, won’t be as interested in a lot of words especially if it’s a topic that they might not be as passionate in as I am. I will try my utmost to simplify this without losing it’s meaning. If there comes a point where you would like to read more about it, I’d be happy to write a full 1000 page novel on it — meet hyperbole.

Anyway let’s get started…

What is the Self Spiral?

The Self Spiral is a journey into ourselves. Children are born without prejudice. They meet someone they think is interesting, they go to them and ask, “do you want to be my friend?” They do not see skin colour or feel hate. They aren’t afraid to try new things and love adventures. They dream about “impossible” things and believe in magic.

This kind of pure selflessness only exists outside the Spiral. As they start to learn and be influenced by the adults and environments around them they start their journey into the center of the spiral. What people do not realize is that yes, kids don’t know anything but they are equipped with the most powerful tech we know of — the brain.

Imagine a machine that has self learning capabilities desperate to increase it’s knowledge. Everything little gesture, word, body language, action is recorded and inventoried.

Parents mistake the reason that a child asks constantly why for annoying them. They aren’t recognizing the fact that this intelligent sentient being is in a world where it knows nothing. What’s the best way to gain knowledge? Ask a question. Yet to the adult who is already living in the Self Spiral, they cannot see the fact that just because they already know the answer it doesn’t make the question “stupid” or annoting or not worth their time.

When they constantly tell their child to stop asking questions, they are training this intelligent sentience to accept what they are told and don’t question anything. That first “Why is a v with a tail,” does so much damage and starts pushes that kid unknowingly down the Spiral.

  • The Self Spiral is a journey that most people start taking from the time they start to understand and learn as sentient beings.
  • By definition all children are born outside this spiral. But their journey towards the center starts at different points.
  • The center of the spiral is where we are our most closed off. You will find Depression and social anxiety residing in there.
  • Not everyone makes it fully to the center but a remarkable number of people are close.
  • To live a fulfilled life filled with abundance and blessings, you need to be as close to the exit of Spiral.
  • Most adults reach the center or where they are going to settle in the spiral by 30. That’s when most people essentially give up on trying.
  • While we can work towards getting back outside the Spiral, adults will never be able to fully leave the spiral again. They would need to have the innocence of children and that is not possible.

The Major 3 Categories

The Self Spiral affects us in three major ways. Some people display all three while others display only a combination or one of.

Self Interest

I looked up many definitions of the term.

“one’s personal interest or advantage, especially when pursued without regard for others.”

“a concern for one’s own advantage and well-being”

These definition seem to suggest that self interest only becomes relevant in moments when we have to make big decisions like life or death situations. I, at least have always attributed this definition to the term.

Imagine my surprise when I started to realize that in fact self interest affects EVERY decision we make. Not just the big ones but every one, like whether to pick up that piece of paper that fell out of our bag when we pulled out our wallet.

Any time we take an action it goes through a series of your values and your Self Interest filter. How does this benefit me? A woman with a stroller needs to go down a flight of stairs. Everyone sees that she needs help. It’s just a matter of their justification in their minds. A person who does not help might think,

  • It’s too heavy for me to carry. I don’t want to hurt myself
  • I might trip on the stairs and hurt the baby
  • Someone else will help, I am in a hurry
  • I don’t want to do any heavy lifting, it might hurt my back.

A person who tries to help might think,

  • If it were me I’d like have liked someone to help me
  • My good deed for the day
  • I hope people notice my muscles bulging. I’ve been hitting the gym lately
  • I am strong so I can help
  • I’m such a good person to help this mom.
  • Look at me everyone, I’m so kind.
  • I bet you they all think I’m cool
  • I feel good about myself for helping her.

You might think that I make people sound narcissistic but the truth is that our mental chatter is completely self serving and most of these thoughts we don’t even notice that we are thinking it.

This is a dramatic example but the truth is that every time you make a decision you go through this Values and Self Interest System. Sometimes the two are in sync and things go smoothly but a lot of the times they are not. This is why we suffer from decision fatigue. It’s not just a yes or no question, although it might seem like it is. It’s also a how does this help me and what values of mine is it coming up against.

Don’t believe me? Think of your last decision. Why did you make it. Really think about it. Break down the thoughts you had while making that decision.

Let’s use myself as an example of this Mine was to sleep in even though I said I was going to wake up at 8am to start writing this. I actually started at 10am instead. Lets look at how I came to this decision.

  • I have worked on a lot of other things all week and it is Saturday so I can lay in bed reading.
  • I woke up at 5am 5 days this week so I can sleep in.
  • It’s the weekend so it’s okay to be lazy
  • I’ll start at 12pm and still have 10 hours to work

Of course I wasn’t able to convince myself to stay in bed till 12pm. The decision to stay in bed came from Self Interest. I could watch anime, TV or read and it wouldn’t require any effort — practically no brainpower. As you noticed, I didn’t stay in bed until 12pm. My Self Interest was fighting with my Values and in the end, my Values won. You can now imagine that today, my decision fatigue will arrive sooner than most. At least that is what would happen with someone who is not aware of this. In about 3 hours I will use a technique that I developed to help me combat decision fatigue. But that is neither here or there.

Just be aware that EVERY TIME you make a decision for yourself or someone else, it goes through that Self Interest and Values filter.

  • When a friend asks you to hang out
  • When you’re supposed to call your parents
  • When you want to study
  • When a stranger needs help.
  • When you want to exercise.
  • When you want to pee.
  • When you pursue someone you are interested in.

EVERY TIME you decide to do something you go through a system where you try to determine whether you will benefit from doing this thing. If a person said no to something you asked of them, it meant that they did not think that they would get anything of value in return from what you were offering.

Self Bias

The second major way that we are affected by our Self Spiral is through the Self Bias. It is even more damaging than Self Interest. This is where a person judges everything they interact with or experience based on their perspective. What does that mean? Let’s break this one down as well. I like to use this example so you will probably see it in many things that I write.

A man falls off a bike. What do the people around him see? Each example provided shows different biases.

  • A pedestrian walking sees someone they can help.
  • A driver sees someone who is inconveniencing him.
  • A teenager sees something she finds funny.
  • A lawyer sees a potential client.
  • A law maker sees a potential angry email about pot holes in the road.

The event remains the same but each person sees it in perspective to how it relates to them and their values. In any given situation we go through a process of interpreting the event happening in front of us. This is why there can be so many sides to one simple story.

Relating a situation to us simply means that we try to understand what is happening based on past experiences and the judgements and thoughts we attached to that experience. Not only that but we bring the situation up against an idea of who we are as individuals. We don’t just “understand the situation” So for example in the above scenario, the basic truth was that someone riding alongside drivers on the road fell off their bike because of pot holes in the road. That’s it.

But that is not what everyone saw. Maybe the driver who got upset had previously had a bad experience with a bike rider or maybe they were late for work and everything previously that day seemed to be working towards ensuring that they were definitely late. The driver probably didn’t even notice the pot hole or that the bike rider sprained his wrist trying to catch himself. She was too busy relating the situation to herself.

A Self Bias works in that no matter what the situation or how completely unrelated to the individual, they will experience it through their own perspective.

When we can only see things through our own perspective, we automatically become unable to see our own wrong doings. Have you ever observed a situation where a person was clearly, undoubedly wrong and yet they insisted that they were the wronged party? Have you ever felt just incredulous at their shear audacity to insist that they were right? That unfortunately is the self Bias. It relates the situation to our perspective and makes it so that we cannot see fault.

An example of this for me happened during the height of the Syrian Refugee crisis. I worked a minimum wage job in Canada with a lot of immigrants. As with international news, discussions happened at work. I of course anticipated this discussion and was expecting to commiserate with my fellow team members. A lot of them came from countries in that part of the world — countries with similar turmoil.

I felt so proud of Canada, that we opened our doors and tried to help these people. Of course I had read in the newspaper that some people were not happy because they were worried that the refugees would take their jobs but I just figured that there is always discention and it was a minority anyway.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the workplace and everyone was talking about the crisis but complaining about losing jobs and taking away. I know about the self bias but still I felt my eyebrows rise into my hairline in incredibility.

How could they so easily forget? How could they not empathize with the plight of these people? Didn’t they see that picture of the little boy? How could anyone not feel a desperate need to help and pride at helping? I admit I got a little upset and asked them how they would feel if they were in the same situation. I saw a video of a classroom of kids less than 10 years old, hiding and crying under their desks as bombs dropped really near by.

If the situations were reversed, they would condemn Canada for not helping but because they were safe, they could not see the plight of others. It was removed from them.

Comfort Zone

The last way that we are affected by the Self Spiral is through our Comfort Zones. A comfort Zone is a place where everything is familiar. It’s safe and comfortable. You could navigate it with your eyes closed. You go through the day on auto pilot.

Have you ever noticed that life seems to just fly pass? I hear this all the time. “Just a few days ago it was the new year and now it’s June.” Anyone who says this or something similar to you is living in their comfort zone. Let me explain why.

Our brains flourish on stimulation. It likes new things and to learn. When it learns something, that thing gets regulated into “automation”. This means that you can do it without really thinking about it. It’s similar to the system that regulates breathing. You do it without putting any focus power into it.

Focus is the most important and powerful thing that we have to us. Remember the example of the bike rider? The driver was focusing on how she was inconvenienced so she did not see the pot hole. While the pedestrian was focusing on the driver so he saw the sprained wrist.

We do not see things if we do not focus on it. So if an action is regulated to “automation” it might as well not happen.

Everyday after my shower, I put on deodorant before I get dressed. This is regular. It’s been regulated to automation for me so there are days I genuinely can’t remember if I put it on. I’ve even started walking with deodorant in my bag because it’s a true problem. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into washrooms to do a feel test for deodorant.

Now if familiar things get placed into automation, what do you think will happen in the comfort zone? If it is a place where things are familiar? If we take the same path day in and day out, what do you think will happen? It gets regulated to automation. Now if that is the majority of your days that means you are not focusing on a lot of what’s happening in your day so it is no wonder time seems to be flying by. Your brain is not being stimulated so it’s blurring your perception of time and regulating everything to automation. Before you know it you will be 60 and wonder where the time went. It didn’t go anywhere. You were just too busy doing the same things over and over again and your brain blurred it out.

This is why we are urged to live in the moment and exit the comfort zone. Life is already short. If you have very little moments where you are present (those moments when your mind is engaged) you won’t experience much and it will feel like it just flew by.

The best way I can explain it is imagine you have a 2 hour movie about apples. There are about 3 minutes of footage involving apples spread through out the movie. So you skip forward until you find the parts of the movie that has the first scene about apples then you skip until you reach the next scene and so on. Will you actually experience a 2 hour movie? No you will experience maybe half an hour where only 3 minutes involved the apples and the rest of the time was dedicated to trying to find the apple.

That is the best way that I can explain the comfort zone. It might be familiar but it steals your focus and awareness and ultimately your time.

Why this happens

We’ve covered the three major categories of the Self Spiral. The question now is why does this happen? Or even better why why is there even a Self Spiral? This one took me a long time to figure out. Why did these things happen? Why couldn’t we just see a situation for what it was? Why did we have to interpret it? Why was it that this person saw one thing but another another? I watched a friend have an aggressive conversation with someone who triggered her. Previously she always complained about this person so my opinion of this person from her perspective was just an absolute monster until I heard this conversation. From my unfiltered perspective, the person was just concerned and interacting with my friend from their own self bias. From my outside perspective it was so strange to see.

As you can tell, this just bothered me for so long, I couldn’t sleep. I just had to find the answer. My mind went back and forth, I tried putting myself outside of my perspective as much as I could, I looked at examples and I read and I observed those around me. I took so many walks because I just really had to break it down.

Then I had an epiphany. My heart started to pound. Let me try to break down for you how I came to this. You can probably tell I like ot break things down. This is how I understand things. They like to pretend to be something they are not. You gotta bash it open and see it for what it really is.

So I was going to work one morning. I live in a residential area so there are lots of trees. I was busy thinking about The Comfort Zone and Bias and Interest. I didn’t know they were spirals yet I was just trying to think of the answers and then there ws this sudden scratching noise in one of the trees above me. It startled me and I quickly looked up. Two squirrels were racing along the trees playing. Of course this was a moment to take out my phone and start recording.

Eventually I left and continued my walk to the train station. My previous thought process had already been completely derailed and I was thinking about the squirrels. Then out of no where I thought “ Must be nice. They can live happy lives playing. They were so lucky they didn’t have to go to work.” Then of course I really started on this train of thought.

How could the other animals be so happy doing nothing but we just seemed driven to build and discover and create. A bird was happy sitting in a tree but I had to go to work. Why did we push ourselves to do these things.

At first it was just random rambling thoughts but then I really started to think about it. A lot of people aren’t doing anything and they find themselves in their comfort zone but human beings hate the comfort zone. No matter what level in life we are on, we do not like being inactive or doing nothing. Then why was it that these animals were happy doing nothing?

It all came down to Survival Instincts. This was my epiphany. Brilliant right?

Wait! Don’t go yet. Let me explain. I promise it’s mind blowing.

Survival Instincts

Remember how I said earlier things like to pretend to be things that they are not? The same thing happens with our survival instincts. So what are survival instincts?

It is behaviour that ensures the survival of an organism.

Then that means that our survival instincts function is to keep us alive. The more urgent responses from our survival instincts are hunger, fear, and pain. These keep us alive immediately. We also experience the need to procreate which keeps the species alive.

All of this you already know. I’m probably losing you a little right now but stick with me. There is a point I promise.

Let’s talk about evolutionary traits. When a trait is successful it gets passed down the line. When it fails it dies with the individual. How do you know a trait is successful? It can display this is one of two ways. It directly affected the chances of survival in an individual or it happened to be present along with the other trait that helped so it got passed down too. That is why a lot of species have useless traits or features.

Survival instincts happened to be in the first group. I imagine back before fauna had fully developed brains, many accidentally killed themselves by walking off cliffs or God only knows what.

When a trait is successful and gets passed down, it strengthens. This is the case with our survival instincts. How do you think it got animals to stop walking off those cliffs? Yes it used fear but fear works when you are in the moment. How do you make a creature not want to even put themselves in that kind of situation in the first place? By making them the most important thing to them — boom Self Spiral is born.

I am oversimplifying this because I am desperately trying to not make it super long but think about it. Lets look at the three categories of the Self Spiral again.

When a child is born, they do things outside of the Self Spiral and this means that bad things are more likely to happen to them. This is why parents teach their kids to go into the spiral. When your focus is yourself, your chances of survival go up. “Don’t talk to strangers. Knives are sharp they hurt. Falling hurts. Be careful.” This is all true.

Self Bias makes us think we are faultless and makes us put ourselves first. Self Interest makes it so we do not act in a situation that might cause us harm and the comfort zone keeps us in a place where everything is familiar and less likely to deviate from the norm, in effect keeping us alive for as long as possible.

The problem is that our Survival instincts are successive traits and have been strengthened to the point that we cannot seem to act against them. By we I mean every living thing that has a survival instinct.

The very basic function of our survival instinct is to keep us alive. To remain alive, we must not do anything that is risky. New experiences, trying new things, are risky, unknown like deep dark caves and therefore they go against our survival instinct. This is why we are forced into the comfort zone daily. Walk the same path, it’s safe and familiar. Do the same things, it is safe and familiar. Eat the same foods. Never leave the town you were born in.

Isn't it funny that teens and young adults want to travel the world but the older we get the more we want to stay home? I believe this also corresponds with the time we reach the deepest levels of the self spiral.

If you happen to be any of the other 99% of animals on earth, this is just fine for you. If you look at how animals operate, you can see the Self Spiral clearly. We excuse their behaviour as “they’re just dumb animals.” But that couldn’t be further from the truth. These animals are aware that they are alive. They are intelligent. Anyone who is aware of how the self spiral works can see their intelligence. It’s just that they are slaves to their instincts.

They do not have free will in that they cannot seem to go against the function of their instincts. Of course you will see the anamoly in the group, but generally they are just fine caring about themselves and only themselves.

When predators take down one zebra in a herd of one hundred and the rest of the herd stand by watching this without helping what do you think is happening? Do you truly think they do not understand that their packmate is getting killed? Of course they understand or they wouldn’t run away. It’s just that the thought that “That could have been me,” is stronger than “As a group we can save that packmate,” and so they are content to stand a few feet by and watch.

The same thing goes for predators. Do you truly think they are not aware of what they are doing when they attack the young? It’s just that their desire to survive outweighs their care that they are killing another.

This is where we differ. Somewhere along the line we were able to fight against our instincts. Technically humans are considered prey type animals. We do not have claws or fangs. I think somewhere down the line our ancestors started to defend each other instead of letting one die. Simply put it became a One for all and All for one situation instead of a Everyone for themselves and because of that simple distinction we were able to remove ourselves from the middle of the food chain.

The thing with evolution is that it happens on a slow scale relatively speaking. While we kind of developed the ability to subvert our instincts, it hasn’t been that long since we started fighting them and while most people think that they are fully civilized, the truth is that we are only barely above the rest of the animals in that. Essentially we are still fighting our instincts. In fact it seems that more people are giving into their instincts to sink back into the center of the spiral.

My theory is that when we stop thinking only about ourselves, we elevate our species. It’s like the ultimate survival test. When you can stop being in essence selfish, you raise your species to the next level.

Why you want to come out of the Spiral

There’s so much that’s happening around us. Not just on earth. Remember the movie about the apple? You thought the movie was actually only 3 minutes of apple but actually the whole two hours is nothing but apples. When you skip through it, you’re missing out on all the amazing things you could experience about the apples.

I believe that there is purpose to life. I will endeavour to explain why I think this. It’s nothing like the human race is the chosen one or anything. Hear me out.

I believe that life exists to experience, explore, create, discover, etc. My theory comes from a simple fact. Things can only do what they were meant to do. A comb can’t boil water. You can’t drive a computer. You can’t eat sand. Things can only do what they were meant to do.

This is a basic fact of the Universe. The Sun can only do what a star does. The moon can only act like a moon and the Earth can only act like Earth.

Then if this is fact what is life meant to do? What it has always done. Evolve into sentient beings who want to discover, experience, create and explore. Isn’t that what we have always done? Why is it that a child is born asking why? No matter how many times we answer a question they have another why? Because questions lead to discovery and learning. Why is it that things interest us even a little? Why can one person see music around and another can create art. How could anyone even come up with those insane mathematical equations?

Because that is what we were meant to do. It’s not even just humans. You watch animals explore environments. Cats teasing something new and running away. Especially baby animals. They take a few steps away from mom then run back, then take a few more steps. It’s in our code to want to know more but the self spiral holds us back.

Karma Connections or Konnections

By going outside of the spiral our eyes open and we start to see things that we were blind to. Remember the bicyclist and the driver? Because she was in the Spiral she did not register the pot hole and the fact that the rider got hurt. When you relate that to yourself doesn’t it scare you to think of all the things you might be missing?

Now imagine if she had gone out and helped this man, maybe they could have made a connection. Maybe him seeing all the people who came to help would influence him to make some kind of positive change which would influence the life of someone else.

I believe that when we are outside the spiral we can fullfill our purpose in two ways. We can do it by doing the task or tasks that we were born to do. Usually our task involves sharing with others. So a musician will want to compose music so he or she can share it with the world. A mathematician will find something that they want to share with others. When we are not in the spiral we crave sharing or doing for others. I think that need is there because it’s meant to spark ideas in others which continues the loop or starts new loops.

How many times have you seen one idea evolve into something amazing? The best way I can explain this is with memes. One person has an idea, they share it with others and the idea evolves and becomes something new. That’s how purpose works as well.

The other way we can fulfill purpose is through influence. By that I mean that we can influence change through empathy. Remember the lady going down the stairs? A person outside of the spiral enough would help her because they saw she needed help rather than because it matched their values. While both of them end up helping her, the first example meant that no matter how many times the scenario was ran she would get help every time. In the second example she might meet someone who’s values did not make them have to help.

I think of life as this great big game board. Every action we take or fail to take sets off a chain reaction of connections. I call them Karma Connections or Konnections (I like naming things even though I am bad at it). Think about it, let’s say today you wanted to go to the park but you were stuck inside the Comfort Zone so you didn’t feel like deviating from your path. Who knows what might have happened at the park. Maybe you could have met someone who changed your life or been there when someone needed help. Something bad could have happened or nothing at all but you will never know because you gave in to your instincts which said that staying at home is safer.

Self Barriers

Most every person has at one point found themselves wondering if in fact we truly were all alone in the Universe. There are equations estimating the probability of life similar to earth-like life existing. This isn’t even counting life that might not be like ours. We blast radio waves out into space and there are even a few rockets traveling outside our solar system with hopes of making contact.

In recent years, there has been this theory gaining momentum. It’s called the Fermi Paradox. It goes something like this. If there are billions and billions of galaxies, all with billions and billions of stars all with billions and billions of planets in the habitable zones of these stars, then where is all the life? The habitable zone is that sweet spot around a star where the temperature is just right for water to become liquid and life to flourish.

The scientists believe that it could be that even thought life seems abundant on earth and easy, in actuality life out there is very hard to come by. They believe that there are great filters to life. Natural disasters like asteroid impacts and super volcanic eruptions and great dyings, diseases decimating populations.

They think that maybe life gets extinguished before it gets the chance to get to the point we have. They have even theorized that in fact our great barriers might not all be behind us. Yes life managed to survive those natural disasters in the past but there are man made disasters waiting for us in the future like nuclear wars and genocides and super bugs. Not only that but we could still be faced with more natural disasters.

I’m no scientist but I think that the greatest barrier to life is the Self Barrier. My own theory is that in fact a lot of life out there in the Universe also managed to survive their own natural disasters it’s just that they are like the other 99% of life on our planet. Too busy thinking about their own survival to look up at the sky and wonder what else might be out there. The other alien life might be too busy trying to stay safe to even notice that there might be more to all this than meets the eye.

It’s probably that getting past the Self Barrier is harder than we originally thought. After all, it seems that more and more people are sinking back into the self spiral. All those man made disasters the scientist theorized for the future all exist out of a person or persons in power not being able to see past themselves. Xenophobia, racism, prejudice, all of that exists inside the self spiral. We all know intellectually that on the inside every human being is basically the same. So why does the idea that some have different colours and ideas scare some people? Because they interpret the differences as something new and remember new is risky.

All the problems in the world right now seems to stem from the self spiral. If we could take our perspective outside of the equation and see things from another view point, a lot of the conflicts we have now would not exist.

Also pride. Let’s not forget pride which is just another word for Self Bias.

We are coming up again against that Self Barrier really hard. Remember, we were able to get to where we are today because our ancestors some how found a way to work together. By doing this and letting everyone have a purpose, they were able to remove themselves from the animal kingdom.

If we cannot do the same, now can you imagine what might happen? We will just be slightly more intelligent, dumb animals. I think that ultimately our purpose is to explore the universe. We are meant to discover and there is a finite amount of time before life is no longer possible. You might say that billions of years is a long time but actually in evolutionary terms its not. Earth is 4.6 billion years and we’re only where we are now.

Mentally we are evolving faster than biologically. If we cannot develop the mental acumen to over come our instincts this experiment called life will have had no meaning.

Already we are changing our destiny in irrevocable ways. Who knows how much potential is lost every time we drop bombs on innocents. Not just them but the kids they could have had. The more we sink into the Self Spiral the more we set our species back.

Look at terrorism, that is so Self Spiral focused. They see their ideology as perfect and cannot see that maybe it might be wrong. They willingly kill others uncaring of the lives they end for this purpose.

I was watching this anime called Sinbad. It’s a retelling of the story on Netflix. The basic premise is that a magical tower appeared outside some cities. It is said that at the top of the tower is a king’s worth of treasures. Of course the kings in neighboring countries would want that treasure and so they each sent armies of thousands to capture the tower but no one ever returned.

Another king again sent an impossibly large army to the tower. This time with Sinbad in tow. It turns out that no one ever made it past the first floor. There were monsters and traps and just all kings of harsh things just destroying the unprepared army. Since no one ever came out, they didn’t know what to expect.

Of course Sinbad makes it to the top. I started to think of this as an analogy to life. Each man represented a species either on earth or somewhere out there in the Universe. None of the other species made it past the first level, the self barrier only humanity.

But then I started to think, what if we weren’t Sinbad? Maybe we were just a lucky soldier who happened to make it to level two but that we were about to meet the boss on Level 2? In the world I live, humanity has always triumphed. I cannot accept a world where we could possibly fail and yet it seems that that is where we are headed.

The truth is that I think that most people are trying to evolve. We can feel the pull of the Self Spiral. A lot of people are becoming aware of this. It’s just that they don’t know how.

Our Survival instincts are run by powerful but old technology. Our hind brain. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for automation and action. It’s like the super computers running in a huge server house, clunky, huge and powerful.

In comparison, our reasoning brain, the front part is now at the point trying to take control of the hind brain. The front brain is kind of like a new generation smartphone. It’s small but powerful enough to control the server house.

The problem is that the smartphone is seeing itself as a kitten when it stares in the mirror and not realizing that in fact it is a lion so it bows down to the will of the server. The simple truth is that the smartphone is meant to run the server house but this generation of phones still don’t know how to or believe that they can and the Server house is bullying the smartphone because it does not want the smartphone to know just how much power it actually has.

So many people think they have no control. We pass on that message to each generation and train kids to be helpless to their instincts. That’s outdated software. We are in so desperate need of an upgrade but you know how it goes. The older generation never wants to concede that the new generation might have a new way of doing things. It’s always my way or the highway.

It seems that we are all doomed to fail, but in actuality it’s really not that hopeless. We judge things in the immediacy of our own lives but like I said, from an evolutionary stand point, we’ve only just started trying to take control of our hind brains. That does not mean that we should just throw in the towel though. We need to start fighting back. I am grateful to my ancestors who gave us the opportunity to even fight back. I don’t want to let the future generations down. If we can win this new version of the fight, we can make it easier for our children’s children. We are so lucky to be born in this time. We are at the exact point in time where the change starts. More and more people are trying to master their minds.

It’s hard and a lot of people will quit and just stay in the comfort zone but more and more people are fighting back. Our efforts today will help our kids in the future be able to reach their goals and find their purpose easier. Isn’t that an amazing legacy to leave behind?

You might be thinking, how do I fight back? The system is simple. Implementing it is hard though because our instincts are damned powerful at this point. I’ve found that escalation works wonders to making the fight easier over time.

You can do it all yourself. Just understanding how the Self Spiral works makes seeing the problem areas easier.

Just know that it is all worth it in the end. Your life has meaning. You just need to get out of the Self Spiral to be able to see it and pursue it.

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