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Today’s citizen shall be concerned about everything that happens around him and not be limited to his own sphere. He shall be able to have a critical eye on his daily life but also on the daily lives of others. He shall be a global citizen and not a local citizen. This is why we invite all global citizens to support or contribute to the African Young Leaders’ Summit on the Election Issues in Africa. Indeed, Elections in Africa are a nightmare for our different populations. The elections rhyme with violence, conflict, crisis and even war before, during and after. Our political leaders seem to have twisted the neck of the political alternation that is the key to democracy. In a search for a sustainable solution we are organizing in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), in partnership with AMERICAN CORNER-Abidjan, a summit of 200 Young African Leaders from the fifty-five (55) countries of the African continent November 16–18, 2017 to share the best electoral practices in each of our respective countries and to bring forward a proposal for peaceful elections in Africa. We would advocate before African Union (by the Steering committee) and before our respective parliaments (by participants or Peace ambassadors) after the Summit. We are and will still be Global Citizens.

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