Hasura Internship

Week 7 Task 1 - User Feedback and Testing

The front end and backend development part of the app is complete. I shared my app for getting feedback and suggestions from fellow interns. After getting suggestions, I made some changes and tried to improve my app. Some of the feedbacks were:

1. I am able to submit the form even without making any entry. Try enabling a pop-up when someone tries to hit the submit button without giving all entries.
2. After signing up, I am redirected to the login page instead of the ‘Internship Review’ Page. The cookie generated goes waste. Try to direct to the second screen after sign-up.
3. Use Glyphicons for forms. The font color with the third screen background does not look good. Try to contrast it so that it is more readable.

The feedbacks were taken positively and worked upon to improve the functionality of my app.

My app is running at Rate’n’Review. Have a look at my app and provide your valuable feedback.

#Open it in Google Chrome as the radio buttons I have styled won’t work in Mozilla Firefox hence, the front end componont won’t work properly.

#The link will not be active all-day long as it is deployed on my own laptop acting as as server.