Making pretty pixels and concepts it’s easy. Solving a problem is hard. Part one.
Alexandru Giuseppe Ispas

Yeah same here bro. The first time I try to test my prototype, I came to my friends and ask them about the functions and appearance of the prototype, and they said “Yeah cool!” “let’s break the market!” etc. with good reason. Once it’s in production, we get a lot of bad feedback from our users. And since then I realized that this product is not for your friends, it’s for your target users. It’s okay to get a kind of feedback from our friends, but we should know it’s suit to the target users or not. So currently, when I get a new task about making new product, the first thing I have to do is, I should know who’s the target users? What’s their problem? Their goals? Their needs, even their assumption about the product. So gather a lot of information about your users first, it’s the essential things that we have to do while build a product. I like your copy, can’t wait for the part 2

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