Hallel Rabinowitz from our choreography team on her personal connection to the show

Our Val, Rachel Frazin on watching “Every Little Step” 


The “artistic vision” and “commercial appeal” of “A Chorus Line”

Our Assistant Director David Djemal explores why he does what he does for love

take a look at what we have been working on


Our ticket sales open today!

Eli Kaplan-Wildmann,Our Set and Lighting designer, gives a statement of his concept for the show 

Performances March 19-27 2014

A Chorus Line!

As Dated as its Spandex or as Timeless as the Ballet?

A Chorus Line Jerusalem 2014

A Chorus Line

Encore! Educational Theatre Company & Starcatcher’s production of A Chorus Line performing in Jerusalem March 2014. Come read about the behind the scenes!

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