5 things that made me smile — 12th March

What a couple of weeks! Travel and family commitments have taken up the time I usually dedicate for blogging on a Friday, so it’s a second Sunday edition of 5 things to get things back on track:

1. Everything about Retail Week Live. I was there with Yapster, demo-ing the app and watching Rob present the concept to industry leaders. Met tons of great people and learned about some interesting new businesses too!

2. My client The Lumen Prize getting included in The Debrief’s roundup of of the most Instagram-friendly exhibitions this year! If you’re going to Leeds Digital Festival I recommend you check it out:

3. This cheeky cartoon courtesy of the Telegraph:

4. This great LinkedIn summary of the first Comms For Good event, which I had the pleasure to attend recently. It’s inspired me to consider how I can use my skills to help more worthy causes.

5. Completing an 8 mile run this weekend. Fitness has been a big focus for me so far this year but I haven’t got out for as many runs as I’d like to, so spending an hour running alongside our local canal was particularly satisfying.

Happy Weekend!

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