Apple Company misses him

No one can deny that Steve jobs was between the few people who made the revolution technologies in our lives by leading the Apple company to pioneer a series of successful products such as iPod, iPhone and MacBook.

The force of nature behind the apple was a clever leader man who starts doing a new thing, new product for the sake of facilitating our lives. He didn’t even reach a university level but he had two things that others didn’t have, the first one it’s the idea of doing what you love and the second it’s the enthusiasm of doing new things.

These two things kept him working for a long time and helped him to be a successful personality in our century.

In 1976, at the age of 21 he started his own company in the garage, with his friend Wozniak, just a small garage, 9 years later, he was fired from his own Company it was difficult for him when it was happened he mentally got crash down.

Following this curious incident, he launched a new computer company called NeXT which got a lot of success. 12 years later, he was invited to come back as the CEO of the company ,he explained that in the interview as cycling of life which is always surprising and mysterious and you never know what around the next corner.

I have learned many great lessons from Steve’s life but the most important thing that I have learned is that two young boys had no money no business experience and many job opportunities outside but they chose to work on their idea by creating a new small company which became bigger than they thought.

Achraf Bourass,

Thanks for your reading!