Sometimes you aren´t a child anymore. And, in the middle of your life, full of ups and downs, more bills and fewer dreams, suddenly you find your little inner self again.

Stadium. I´ve been seeing many pitches in my life since I was a kid. More than 50, in many different countries. And, as a matter of fact, I´m from Rio de Janeiro. My stadium — Maracanã — was an altar. Now it´s a cemetery, but this is another subject and deserves a particular essay. Or not.

Back to start, by and large, I´ve watched uncountable games in many stadium for the most — or not so — important competitions. But I´d never ever gone to Champions League before. Until yesterday.

The atmosphere is different. I´d imagined some kind of elite supporters, with no singing and chanting, almost a theatre public. Wrong. They sang. And they chanted. And they celebrated six gols [a strike of luck, even with an Azeri squad as opposite].

I can say — no question asked — I´ve met my inner child again. And I need to tell you about that music: champions anthem. When the music starts to play, each person sat on the stand started to have goosebumps. Some people — I won´t say who — had your eyes tearful. For few minutes, all your life turns into a film with a winner soundtrack.

There are songs that are remarkable for the rest of your life. For me, “Gabriel”, by Lamb, “Falling Slowly”, by Swell Season, “Escape”, by Kongos and now the Champions Anthem. Die Meister… Die Besten

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