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Roof, being one of the most important aspects of constructing a home or commercial building, it is important to consider different types of roofing in Tacoma. Remember, simply following the trend is not enough; it is crucial that you consider different factors such as heating and cooling, aesthetics, strength and durability, and price. If you find yourself boggled amidst umpteen choices, there are several professional Tacoma roofers who can help you in choosing the best type of roofing solutions for your home. Discussed herewith are different types of roofing solutions to consider:

Concrete Tiles

The tradition roofing solution in Tacoma catches the attention with its color, texture, shadow and play of light, imparting a unique character to the building. Apart from the typical red round clay tiles that create a rippled pattern, modern innovations are ruling the trend, forming new colors and styles retaining handmade appearance and elegance. You can choose from an extensive range of colors and patterns giving a contemporary touch and versatility in different climates.

Asphalt Composite Shingles

This is one of the most popular ideas for roofing in Tacoma WA, offering three different varieties — architectural laminate, designer and traditional. Asphalt composite shingles are remarkably durable in nature, best coping with the changing weather of Northwest region. It also looks exceptionally beautiful and appealing, adding a distinct charm to your home or commercial building. These are built with a blend of asphalts and adhesives to provide super strength and durability. Special additives are also provided to enhance the resistance to moss growth, algae, and ultraviolet degradation.

Wood Shakes

Cedar shakes or shingles were once used to be the cheapest form of roofing in Tacoma. However, today, it is made from western red cedar, which causes it to cost more than asphalt shingles and is also difficult to install. But the key highlight is its fantastic appearance, beauty and magnificent wood texture that dramatically enhance the curb appeal and value of your home.

Torch Down

Such types of roofing solutions are widely used in flat roofs as that of low slope residential houses and commercial buildings. Faster and easier to install by the Tacoma roofers, it is a prominent alternative to the standard tar-and-gravel built up roofs. During installation, bitumen sheets are torched onto fiberglass base sheet in the areas of roofing overlap. One of the key benefits of such type of roofing is its ability to protect the roof from rainwater. Since rainwater tends to accumulate on the surface of low slope or flat roofs, torch down roofing in Tacoma WA can be used to prevent damages.

Metal Roofing

Catering to discerning preferences, roofing style, color and finish choices, there is a metal roofing style to perfectly match. It looks like typical asphalt shingles, cedar shake, clay tile or slate; however, it can last 2–3 times longer than any of the above. Protecting against exposure to temperature changes, UV rays of the sun, high winds or severe storm, metal roofing in Tacoma will prevent the roof to deteriorate and damage over time.

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