Why I Chose to be a Recruiter

Friend — so what you do ??

Me — I am a Recruiter.

Friend — How you got into recruitment.

Above scenario happens at least a few times a week.Its a good question given that all my background and training is into Electronics and Communication and not into HR. Most recruiting professionals seem to have fallen into their career by chance, luck, or fate, but for me on another hand, it’s the only field that makes sense. Below are the following traits which have been beneficial to me as a recruiter; if you’re thinking about a career in recruiting, ask yourself if you already have the following traits…

People Guy : I basically go gaga when I meet someone new, try to understand them and to establish a long lasting relationship with them. One of the most important skills of a recruiter is the ability to find great people and build relationships with them; this is what all great recruiters do. I generally go social and get to know people at all levels and professions that might be useful to my organisation.

Being Sherlock : Does mystery interest you ? Can you solve things? Yes I do, and most recruiters do. Recruiting is connecting assorted dots in a puzzle — you don’t exactly know what you are looking for. You have to be able to take a path and then hunt it, similarly recruiters identify matches when they see them. It’s a natural skill — you should be really good in permutations and combinations for the given requirement to find the best talent.

Can sell “Anything to Anyone” :

Recruitment is very similar to selling. Sales guy sell our product to prospective client, we sell our company to active/passive talent. A good sales guy always maps his target audience, he does loads of research to understand who they are, what they are into, where they lag behind and finalizes a pitch about how my product can solve your issues. He does this for various prospects and jots it down. Similarly, recruiters map their target (say a company or technology-wise map or a role specific map) and understand who they are, what they value, anticipate objections and understand how to overcome them. You have to turn them into positives, offer solutions, work out compromises, negotiate, and in the end, make the hire happen.

Passion towards a noble job : I’ve always dreamed of transforming careers or getting someone work towards their dream job. Not many jobs can do that, if you are a recruiter you make someone a job offer and they accept, you have helped them to take a step ahead to achieve their dream.

Self-Driven : In recruiting, no-one’s going to stand next to you or hold your hand while you make phone calls or there is no cheat sheet. Only self driven individuals will prosper. It’s up to you to use creative strategies and hunt for good talent.

It’s been almost a year and half, and being a recruiter is the best career decision I’ve ever made. I enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that I am placing people into jobs they love, but above all, I enjoy meeting people, learning & building relationships that last.