Best & Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies In USA

Earlier, companies had to invest in extensive hardware to enable heavy-duty computing such as mobile app development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, etc. Such hardware acts as a double-edged sword. It requires resources spent on regular maintenance while simultaneously ensuring security as data and assets are localized. However, equipment failures or data loss could lead to a loss of valuable assets and increased delay in duties. Companies can avoid such problems with the rise of cloud computing.

There are several Best Cloud Computing Services Companies In USA which allow businesses to migrate to the cloud seamlessly. They also ensure cloud security to prevent data breaches. They enable remote access to assets and minimize the risks of hosting key assets and data on the cloud. They also optimize its usage so that it aligns with business goals and objectives.

There are several service providers to choose from in USA. Here’s a list to figure out the one which best suits your needs.


As One of the Best Cloud Computing Services, Navtech provides a host of services. It assists its clients from the beginning to the end. It provides cloud advisory services to help clients plan the shift to the cloud and continues this assistance beyond implementation by offering 24x7 support. 
This company was rated by Good Firms as the best cloud computing services provider. It provides cost-effective and secure services for private, public and hybrid clouds.

Established: 2013
Cloud Governance, Cloud Advisory, Cloud Migration, Cloud Provisioning, Cloud Managed, Cloud Security, Cloud Computing.

Tvisha Technologies

Cloud computing is at the heart of every project at Tvisha. It offers flexible and cost-effective solutions that can be adapted for both small and large scale companies. Besides cloud computing, they also deliver web development and app development services.
Tvisha provides mobility solutions for both hybrid and native clouds. They primarily use Amazon Web Services for developing and deploying web and mobile applications.

Established: 2002
Cloud Computing, IoT, App development Services, etc.,


This firm has maintained an excellent reputation in implementing a cloud strategy for large-scale enterprises. It allows full visibility of cloud resources and allows its clients to manage it efficiently. This can help reduce costs and improve security.
ServiceNow makes businesses digital strategies more effective by providing them with ways to handle their IT and cloud. Use of AWS and Microsoft Azure can be standardized.

Established: 2004
Service Management, Enterprise Cloud, Custom App Development


The focus, here, is on accelerating web and mobile performance. It ensures cloud security and efficiency to its clients. It has an extensive network of cloud servers across the globe. This network is leveraged to provide optimal results.
Akamai enables businesses of all types to increase their efficiency through a cloud strategy. Clouds allow businesses to grow faster and make greater revenue.

Established: 1998
Expertise: Cloud Computing Services, Cloud Computing Services Acceleration

Cyber Infrastructure

CIS provides several technology solutions, of which cloud computing services is one. It has the capability to provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (Saas). It can help businesses implement a cloud strategy effectively with its services.
Its cloud software services streamline business processes like CRM, supply chain management, etc. It also enables flexibility and lesser operational costs.

Established: 2003
Expertise: Cloud Strategy, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Management, Cloud Application, Cloud Software


As a Cloud Computing Services, Zymr seeks to be a one-stop technology partner for firms. It provides software development, design and cloud services. These are all integrated to bring the best of technology to startups and enterprises alike.
Zymr counts Vodafone, Chase and Cisco among its key clients. It bridges the gap between strategy and execution and enables business growth through the implementation of a cloud strategy.

Established: 2012
Expertise: Cloud Applications, Cloud Security, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Analytics/AI, Cloud Orchestration, Cloud Mobility

Octal IT Solution

The need for maintenance-intensive hardware is removed with the help of Octal IT Solution. The firm has proven experience in delivering cloud computing services along with software development services and Big Data. While implementing a cloud strategy, they make room for future requirements as well.
It works with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Sharepoint and Dynamics CRM. It has assisted companies like Skype, Vodafone and Fiat before.

Established: 2007
Expertise: Cloud Advisory, Cloud Application Development, Cloud Migration, Cloud Integration, AWS and Azure Solutions and Consulting


GlobalDots has been in business for over a decade as one of the Top Cloud Computing Services Providers. Its unique location in Germany allows access to a global market and exposure to several industries. Thus, it is highly skilled in providing cloud solutions for both small and large businesses in numerous industries.
GlobalDots specializes in Content Delivery Network (CDN) that optimize delivery of internet content. It helps reduce costs, create greater revenue and increase performance levels.

Established: 2002
Expertise: Content Delivery Network, Multi CDN, Premium DNS, Mobile App Acceleration


This firm provides Cloud and DevOps solutions among a wide array of other services. It focuses on continuous innovation to provide the best technology solutions to its partners. Several partners have gained an edge over the competition through its assistance.
Srinsoft relies on multiple cloud partners such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. It enables cloud migration, maintains the environment for optimization and allows quick disaster recovery.

Established: 2005
Expertise: Cloud Migration, Cloud Consulting, Cloud Deployment, Cloud Maintenance, Disaster Recovery


This Cloud Computing Company provides one of the most customizable cloud services in the market. Cloudsigma has a presence across four continents. Its success is due to its elastic cloud provisioning features. These features allow users to pay-per-use in cloud environments.
It offers ease of migration and allows clients full control over cloud provisioning. There is also a choice of data centers across the globe.

Established: 2009
Expertise: Cloud Migration, Cloud Provisioning, Cloud API Automation


It is important to have a cloud strategy in place before shifting data and assets to a cloud. Otherwise, costs and usage can quickly grow out of hand. By choosing the right partner to assist you with the move, you can save your business a lot of money and inefficiency. It allows room for future changes with changes in business policy and ensures continuous growth.

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