What anxiety feels like….

To sum it up, you feel tension all the time. You always think something terrible might happen. You might look calm but deep inside you feel like there is a race. And you should push yourself in order to win. But you never win, you always lose. Because when you feel tense all the time then you get clumsy which makes you prone to danger.

The secret to anxiety is to feel it. No matter how horrible it is. “You get through the day” Always put it in your mind. Then when you feel less anxious look for some hint or ask yourself as to why your feeling this way.

Worry is one of the essential components as to why we have anxieties. We worry about the future most of the time. We worry about scarcity. We worry about almost anything. Even the small things. Take a breathe and relax.

Anxiety sucks the hope out of you. Instilling fear. Terrorizing you. Then you procrastinate. Then you withdraw yourself from society. Social anxiety kicks in. Then you feel alone, empty, afraid, confuse, suicidal, the list goes on.

Anxiety is the devil. It feeds out of your fears. However I can say that anxiety is also a sign of intuitiveness. It means that you know better. You always see the bigger picture around you. Like a radar. Your able to detect negativity.

If your suffering from anxiety please do know that your not alone. 😊