Olivier Loose
Feb 25 · 1 min read

As I recently wrapped up my article “Are Biological Processes Experts in Quantum Physics?”, in which I look at both DNA mutations and photosynthesis, I also started reading about epigenetics and I stumbled upon your article.

Thank you for writing this insightful piece. I have been studying and being involved in the transformation of intergroup conflicts (e.g. Israel-Palestine, Northern Ireland, Nagorno Karabakh) and the topics of intergenerational trauma is an important element in strategies for conflict transformation.

Better understanding how such traumas are passed on to a next generation also brings new perspectives on how to deal with current conflict. Such insights also makes us more sensitive to the long-term effects of violence.

Olivier Loose

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I am a writer at A Circle Is Round (https://acircleisround.com) and my articles reflect one common theme, i.e. our interconnected nature. Enjoy the reading!

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