ACIT brings you golden tips to clear CCNA certification exam

The CCNA, a second level Cisco Career certification, is one of the highly rated certifications in the world. An associate level certificate for IT networking, CCNA boosts professional career of candidates with higher pay and better jobs.

ACIT Institute, which is a leading educationist in the field of international IT certifications, explains that a candidate with a CCNA certification is thorough with networking technologies.

For those looking to prepare for CCNA certification, ACIT has provided few tricks, tips and important notes to focus on.

Have a good understanding of CCNA

The CCNA exam offered by CISCO is comprehensive. It involves a number of topics based on TCP/IP studies. With a lot study, the exams can seem difficult to crack. However, ACIT tells that students should focus on ICDN mainly, which serves the base for all types of CISCO CCNA exams. Candidates should go through the length and breadth of the topics.

Prepare yourself mentally

It is crucial to ask why you exactly want to be CCNA certified and what positives the certificate will bring you. This will prepare you mentally for the exams. Make sure you set a target to crack the exams –perhaps within the next six months. Dedicate your time for studies accordingly. If your life is actively social, the next few months are certainly going to be difficult. Your friends and family members should understand and support your cause. Once you’ve achieved the certificate, you have all the time in the world!

Get the proper study material

There is a lot of controversy and misunderstanding about the appropriate study materials. ACIT doesn’t advise going overboard with books, simulators and study guides. In case you do not have access to study materials from reputed institutes like ACIT, your next best option includes CISCO’s own press books including ICND 1 and ICND 2 in the most updated editions. Not all books are easy to follow or define the topics clearly.

Schedule Practice Tests

No preparation is complete without taking practice tests. Set a deadline for yourself and try to take as many tests as you can. There is always room for improvement.

The best thing about preparing for CCNA exams is being able to explore and find out new concepts and theories. The ultimate job that you get with your CCNA certifications would expect you to be an expert and have practical knowledge of every networking topic. It is not without reason that CCNA is a globally recognized certification and attracts better salary and jobs. One must be dedicated towards studying and have patience. The rewards will follow themselves.