CCNA 5 Topics You Need to Know

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If you are dreaming about pursuing a career in IT and being successful at it, then you have probably also heard about the CCNA certification you need to get. However, if you are still confused about what it is and how to get it, then you have found the right site. ACIT is an educational institute dedicated to provide top international certifications to IT professionals.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), a foundational level certification given by Cisco, comprises of nine specializations to acquaint IT professionals with an essential set of skills. However, there are five main topics you need to cover to pass your CCNA exam which are:

TCP/IP and the OSI model

It is the most fundamental topic as it gives an overview of how networks work in a system. The Open System Interconnection is a model that standardizes communication within a network system by breaking it into seven layers. These seven layers are physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, application.

TCP and IP stand for Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol consecutively. These two describe the standard data transmission model used by networks.


IPv6 is the latest version of Internet Protocol. Despite being introduced in previous topic, IPv6 is a separate area of study in CCNA exam for it incorporates a more comprehensive version of IP addressing system. Currently, large number of businesses is configured using IPv6.


As the name suggests, subnetting divides larger networks into smaller units having unique IP addresses. The advantages of subnetting are, firstly, it makes diagnosing performance issue easier and secondly, it also allows network performance to work on a particular section without impacting others in the process.

Network Address Translation

NAT is used to modify IP address information in IPv6 headers to interconnect two incompatible IP addresses. The simplest NAT type is one-to-one which is mostly used by employees and network users for the remote access of systems through a network.

Wireless Access

Wireless access constitutes the fifth main topic of CCNA. It focuses on wireless internet connectivity using different routers, switches and access points. At present, many corporate offices depend on wireless internet connections for the internet connectivity. This topic equips IT professionals with required skills and knowledge for wireless access technology.