A log is knot what you think it is…

For my first blog post, I have decided to write about how blogs became known as such. According to MIT, in the 15th century sailors needed to know how fast they were traveling through the water. They did this by tying knots in a very long rope at intervals of 14.4 meters. One end of this rope would be tied to the ship and the other to a log. Using an hour glass and counting the knots that passed through the sailors fingers off the end of the boat, they would calculate how fast they were going. Also, according to the United States Naval Academy, this information, along with the ship’s course, and other things that happen on the boat, were recorded into a book. In a way it became the ship’s diary. This book became known as the logbook, and they would log information about their travels. Now when the internet became a thing, people would write down information and stories, and they became known as Web Logs. This quickly became shortened to blogs.

Now I am writing a blog all because someone dropped a log into the ocean 600 years ago. How cool is that? Most of this blog will be filled with stories of my adventures in Europe over the next four months, but I wanted to share this little tidbit of fascinating information. I cross the pond in T-minus 3 days, and hopefully I will post again soon.

Thank you and goodnight!

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