Working from home reduces the chance of spreading the virus, but it exposes us to other types of risks. Criminals are exploiting the global crisis to attack people and organizations, as we lack the necessary tools and resources to stay secure outside the office.

Read our cheat sheet below to follow effective cyber hygiene and stay protected while working from home.

Originally published at on April 20, 2020.

In this period, organizations face immense challenges in terms of business continuity. But it is also a great opportunity to build the perfect remote environment and ensure employees have access to all the necessary resources to stay secure. In our previous blog posts, we talked about why and how cybercriminals…

We understand cybersecurity incidents as any event that can harm a system’s confidentiality, integrity or availability. Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and powerful, and what we observe is that companies are becoming primarily concerned with understanding how to react when said attacks occur. But this approach might not be the…

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