I see , I collect

When you see it, you take a picture, you get inspired and lose yourself many times in too many references. 
You create your “mood boards” (filling our cameras/mobile clouds) and they are with us all the time. It’s like you ripping those magazines you bought, the books you treasure and the pieces of things, all together stitched on the wall.

Fashion you scatter, you get inspired, you gaze, you get bored and you get an urge to make that imagine you unconsciously created on the back of your mind come to life. Where do this reference come from?
I don’t remember! Or, better, I do! It was since last year I wanted to find a coat in this shade of green. I want now to look like Monica Vitti in “Deserto Rosso”.
Does an outfit make you feel someone deeper, sad, but also incredibly attractive?
Gosh, it’s Monica Vitti…

This is one of the most fascinating aspects of fashion for me. In a larger aspect of the creativity, lifestyle trends, moods of the decades/eras.

It is a sum of our fears, hopes, personalities, messages.

How do I want to communicate?

How do I want to be different?

How I am being original, special, creative???

How do you “collect”?