A day on Planet Sitnikov
Graham Doskoch

As this article points out, binary star systems are pretty awesome. Some systems behave in such potentially chaotic ways that it’s impressive that some kind of balance exists between the stars and planets.

Among binary star systems we can find wide-binary systems, which are usually composed of a central star surrounded by planets and a second, outer star orbiting the whole thing. It sure can be an endless source of science fiction writing inspiration. We can get planets with abnormal day-night cycles, elongated seasons depending on the position of the outer star and pretty crazy weather depending on the zone the planet is located.

For anyone interested in this thrilling topic, I would recommend “Nightfall”, a short story by Isaac Asimov. In summary, the plot revolves around a planet which has several Suns, hence the inhabitants of it knows no night. Until one day night falls, threatening to shatter this society.

Has anyone read this amazing piece?

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