The movement for racial justice has shown us what democracy looks like. The Biden-Harris administration must make that vision a reality.

James Matthew Daniel / ACLU

By Charles Lawrence, III

The company’s shareholders have it within their power to stop Amazon’s deployment of its invasive face surveillance technology, Rekognition.

To Amazon shareholders:

The for-profit bail industry condones trauma and incentivizes violence to improve their bottom line.

If legislators know these laws violate the First Amendment, they should repeal them, not pass half-measures designed to thwart judicial review.

We’re asking all presidential candidates to end unjust laws that strip citizens of their fundamental right to vote due to criminal convictions.

Gavin McInnes’ attempt to silence those who have every right to call him out for his bigoted views should fall flat.

Revenue-oriented mayor’s courts subvert justice. They must be reformed to protect the rights of Ohioans.

Considering the “extraordinary public interest” in the Mueller report, any redactions made by Attorney General Barr must be limited and defensible.

Opponents of equality are spewing myths about transgender people and nondiscrimination protections on Capitol Hill.

The groundbreaking, comprehensive bill takes on workplace harassment and discrimination.

ACLU National

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