Dear Trumpeter— Stop it. Now. Please.

Republicans are giddy, as they should be. They control the presidency, the house, the senate and two-thirds of governorships across the country. And they will likely nominate more than one Supreme Court Judge. It is their moment to roll-back the Affordable Care Act, social liberties and pesky environmental regulations that limit corporate profits — like keeping our streams and waterways clean.

The questions I keep asking are: Is living under a freely-elected leader with autocratic tendencies a short-term blip in our history? Will Democrats ride-in on a populist uprising in 2018 and course correct the social liberties and environmental protections that we’re already losing? Will Republicans continue to shamelessly support Trump, despite his proclivity for believing the unsubstantiated views of Fox News guests over our own intelligence experts (among other irrationalities too numerous to name) in order to finally reform our tax, healthcare and education systems to their liking? And what will the cost be of excusing and downplaying Trump’s unprofessional, unpresidential, and divisive language?

Trump is like the new bully on the school playground, walking around with his posse of enthusiastic groupies vocally agreeing with his every word. All his plans and ideas are the very, very best. And those that view him with skepticism or criticism are swiftly and immediately called out on Twitter as idiots and fakers and un-American. Sad.

I would argue that it is very American to stand-up and speak-out for injustice. It is very American to openly express ideas without fear of government retribution. And it is very American to be a nation of tolerance, respectful of our many differences.

However, along with my many questions, I also have fears. I fear too many will continue to spinelessly follow Trump down the path of hypernationalism and self-destruction, to achieve a few myopic goals. I fear that Trump’s presidency will have severe and long-lasting consequences on our economy, our national security and our progress in preserving a planet for the lives of Americans yet to come. And if the pace of activity the last month is any indicator, I fear that 2018 will be too late to course correct. We need to work together now.