Caffeine Elixirs of Melbourne

Melbourne is known all over the world for its love of coffee. However, most of its cafes feature menus with complexly named drinks that make it hard for customers to choose a particular one. But there are some beverages which have been rising in popularity among coffee snobs recently.

There are a few things in Melbourne, which can be procured as easily as a nice cup of coffee. To be exact, almost every cafe that stocks in caffeinated beverage would have a menu resembling a list of cocktails, with distinct brewing methods, flavour analyses, and exotic beans brought from national and international suppliers. All this sounds very good, but only until the menu manifests itself in the hand of the customer. Many Melburnians complain about an uneasiness that they feel while trying to pick a drink from the carte du jour. This is because it is often difficult for them to select something from a list of names they hardly understand, which leaves them unsure about what they would receive in case they were to choose something new instead of their regular drink.

But thanks to the java connoisseurs and coffee suppliers in Melbourne, who decided to break the caffeine code and select a few drinks that beverage lovers would be delighted to grab for their tasting pleasure. Some of those elixirs have been mentioned below, have a look:

Cold Drip

Cold drip has achieved quite of a celebrity status in Melbourne recently, and its popularity is only increasing with each passing day. It is prepared by dripping filtered and chilled water over coarse coffee grounds for about 12 hours. The drink has a mouth-coating and thick texture, with great sweetness and extremely low acidity.

Single Origin

This one is made by using coffee beans sourced from a single geographical region, especially from a particular country or farm. They are in contrast with the blends which have beans with different origins combined to achieve a medley of flavours. Whether single origin makes a difference on the palate of an average coffee lover or is sheer marketing genius, it is worth having as long as it comes in an extremely darker shade.


Syphon ranks among the most preferred caffeinated beverages in Melbourne. The beans used for preparing it are roasted at low temperatures and have a green colour even after being taken out from the oven. Once they have been steeped and stirred in hot water, the drink is pulled through a filter into a transparent receptacle.

Pour Over

Pour over is generally recommended for serious coffee snobs, who love the absence of bitterness in their java. The beverage is made by pouring water through a filter cone in a steady and thin stream.

Besides locals, the above mentioned drinks are sure to bring a smile on the face of travellers as well.