The New York City Subway Map Redesigned
Tommi Moilanen

This is a clean design and it does help tackle a couple of issues for people unfamiliar with the city who are focused mainly on getting around lower Manhattan and Brooklyn (and it does look great). It doesn’t necessarily respect the special characteristics of the entire city. This can become a problem if you’re a native giving directions to a visitor using major landmarks in the outer boroughs (or someone who must venture to those areas for work or pleasure). It can even be a problem for someone who grows up primarily in one borough who only occasionally ventures to another one and needs context (which happens a lot more often than most think).

The existence of green space in the outer boroughs (two of the five largest parks in the city, including its largest [Pelham Bay Park], are in the Bronx — shown in the current map; another one is in Brooklyn — also shown) is worth showing too. Vignelli did so in his version.

Granted, I try to get home whenever I can and still use the map all the time whether I’m trying to navigate the city myself or giving directions to friends heading into town for a visit.

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