Spreading a little JOi in Spain with ACN’s in-house mobile brand — Spanish JOi

There’s no denying that we live in an increasingly connected world. Photos, videos, calls, texts, and emails mean that you can stay in touch with the people you love, in a way that suits your lifestyle. That’s why ACN’s in-house mobile brand JOi is so important — it connects your world to the people important to you. And connecting your world, means giving more people in more countries JOi!

As an established brand in the UK, Denmark, and France, JOi brings ACN’s extensive experience providing high-quality mobile services to one of the fastest growing markets in the world; Spain. In early 2019 the newly branded JOi launched into the largest and fastest expanding mobile market in the world with a brand-new look, a fresh website, new colour scheme, and packaging. The brand also introduced a new mobile app called My JOi, smart customer service, and competitive monthly and yearly offers. Combined, JOi Spain enables ACN’s customers to connect in a contemporary way that suits them.

Why Spanish JOi?

From 2gb to 25gb of data a month; 100 minutes a month or unlimited call time — and everything in between — JOi Spain provides if you’re an occasional chatter and fair-weather web surfer, right up to if you love to stream your favourite Netflix shows on the daily commute, and then call your friends for the latest gossip in the evenings. With JOi in your life, you can do all this and more — and with Strive for Five, you can get your plan for free — as long as you join five people to the network!

JOi Spain — Connecting You to your World

Getting the most from your JOi experience is easy. The JOi app, My JOi, is the quickest and easiest way for you and your customers to manage your JOi plans. You can check your data and call usage, see detailed invoices and pay outstanding bills; manage your monthly, yearly, mobile, and tablet bundles, as well as buying addons or switching between plans. It’s also the place to activate new SIMs, and for the JOi smart customer service proposition, where you can read FAQs, browse a video support library, and chat directly with customer service agents. And all that is at your fingertips.

With JOi, customers in Spain can now get a fast and reliable service, with a clear and simple pricing structure, designed specifically for their lifestyles.