Same As It Ever Was: Donald Trump’s Decades-Long History with Violence
Adam D. Zolkover

Trump’s politics have been the politics of the Republican Party for years. However, the Republicans being true politicians spun their rhetoric in a hundred different ways to draw less heat from their rivals. In the last few years, they’ve really had a crisis of identity, sprouting from the birth of the Tea Party movement.

You’ve essentially had the Tea-Party fringe right, which Trump has partially absorbed, libertarians who have a somewhat decent social and foreign policy, and most importantly, centrist Republicans who are desperately trying to present a candidate who offends the least. That’s why Romney was the candidate in 2012, and that’s why I thought Jeb would be the man of the hour in 2016.

Trump is implementing Republican Rhetoric in its rawest form, and the Republicans want nothing more than to detach from it, and reform their party.

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