What Matters to Me

Something that matters to me is dance. I started dancing when I was nine years old and have always loved it. Out of everything that I have ever done dancing is what makes me the happiest. Besides making me happy dance has several health benefits. Dancing improves the condition of your heart and lungs, increases muscular strength, and increases endurance. It also gives you more flexibility and coordination. Dancing also makes your bones stronger which decreases the risk for osteoporosis. A study showed that people who danced for twenty minutes three times a week saw their heart health improve more than people who did cardio workouts. But, there are also benefits that are not physical. There was a study that show that dancing gives you a 76% reduced risk for dementia. That had the highest reduced risk out of all things tested including reading, playing golf, doing crossword puzzles, bicycling, and swimming. Dancing also improves your mental state and can make you less stressed. It also improves your memory and focus. Overall dancing is a fun activity that keeps you healthy both mentally and physically.


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