A Pandemic Primer

What I learned from ‘the mask argument.’

Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay

Entrance: The Supermarket

It was summertime and the supermarket scene was down pat: mask, wipes for the handle of the cart, alcohol spray for my hands, reusable and newly washed grocery bags, a safe distance from others. You get the drill.

Meet the Mango Lady

I head to the fruit section of the produce aisle and spy the mangos. A large woman with three young children is standing there. I stay back at a safe distance watching her pick up mangos, squeeze them, pass them to what appeared to be her mother-in-law to test out, take them back, and repeat.

Exit: The Lesson

It was survival through capitulation. I surrendered. Though her behavior was so wrong, I didn’t need to be right…or she may have decked me right there in the produce aisle. I am a petite person and there would be no contest. I could hear it now, “Clean-up on aisle one!”

Choose kind. Every time.

After all, you never really know the extent of someone’s tango with his or her mangos, pandemic or no pandemic.

Super Kind also implies checking our imperfections and cutting others some slack…and that includes ourselves.

Mangos, anyone?

Educator and writer who loves nature, people, life, and making the world a better place. You can visit her at www.debraemerson.com.

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