How a Stairlift company deals with social media trolls

Social media trolls are the biggest threat facing Mankind. They do not belong to any organization like the mafia or triads; collectively they are an organism that can vault with dizzying speed in a matter of minutes and hours and labeled ‘going viral”. The threat emanates, as the veracity of a post remain unchecked; the viral post is messy and exciting, subtle and outlandish at the same time, the readers gobble it and retweet giving life and momentum spreading faster than Ebola.

Acorn Stairlifts is a global leader in the business of manufacturing mobility aids. These help the elderly, handicapped people who have sustained fractures from falls and persons suffering from arthritic conditions. The popularity of the Stairlifts has reached a high with an Acorn Stairlift installation occurring every eight minutes somewhere on planet Earth. Social trolls have time and again posted Acorn Stairlift complaints in several portals with an aim of bringing discord and upset customers..

Acorn has redefined their business strategy beyond Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint documents. They are leading their strategy based on reality, which is fitting because of the product they specialize. It is the business of life and giving hope to despairing people suffering disabilities. Their products give a quality of life that registers immediate improvement on any scale. Other enterprises try to fight trolls with fire by denying, taking out expensive advertisements to bolster their image, inshort spend money they can ill afford.

Data and network technologies provide analysis regarding Acorn Stairlifts complaints,which are then researched to distinguish between actual customer issues and trolls.. At the same time the manufacturing and installation process are undergoing checks and balances. In all there are more than 60 check points and most of them are focused towards safety and quality of build. This approach is ingrained in Acorn’s DNA even before the advent of trolls.

The behaviour of trolls has only one caveat. Upset others. Trolls are different from users who are angry over issues and post negative comments just to share. Trolls do not care and in most cases do not believe in what they post. They also hide behind the facade of anonymity (most trolling occurs on Twitter). Acorn Stairlift complaints have registered declining numbers over the years as the trollers have found hardly any momentum towards “viralness”. Not all enterprises can match Acorn’s attitude and solutions towards trolling. It is years of dedication, discipline and devotion that can counter the divisive and disruptive behaviour of trolls.

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