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Cartier: King of Jewelers and Social Media

The tradition of royals buying Cartier jewelry started in 1856, when Princess Mathilde, from the French aristocracy, became enchanted by the creations of Louis-Francois Cartier. Later on, in the 20th century, King Alfonso XIII of Spain, Tsar Nicolas II of Russia and King Edward VII of England became part of Cartier’s clientele. The last one, named the House the “Jeweler to Kings, King of Jewelers” and even gave it the title of the “fournisseur officiel” (official supplier). Cartier was appealing to royals not only because of the excellence in craftsmanship, but also because of its innovation and extravagance. The house was pioneer in the successful use of platinum in jewelry, as well as, one of the first to popularize the wristwatch. Nowadays, the Fine Jewelry and Watches brand continues to carry the heritage, rarity, excellence and extravagance that defines it and manages to reflect it through their social media strategy.

Cartier Royal Collection

Cartier’s social media platforms include: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and most recently, Snapchat. They have an e-commerce site and a few phone applications, including a Bridal App and a Watchmaking App. Also, they created the Cartier Art Magazine and the E-Magazine Rouge Cartier, two other ways to communicate with people and create digital content.

Cartier’s Followers on Social Media- August 2016

Cartier’s brand image reflects through all social media channels, where most of the content they post is professional. By using “pro” content, the house makes sure they portrait the quality and excellence of their pieces. They have managed to create engagement within their community of followers, which it shows through likes, comments, pins, retweets and shares. Although the majority of their followers are on Instagram (45%) and Facebook (49%), they keep the rest of the accounts updated and post fairly consistent (their Pinterest being the lowest with 17,300 followers). Cartier’s marketing team surely knows the importance of communication across all channels, realizing they could have potential customers in any of them. Most importantly, Cartier is moving along with this “digital era” and embracing the opportunities they have to engage with consumers and to reach to new markets.

Cartier post on Instagram

The house of Cartier manages to continuously maintain the perception that they created more than a century ago. Not only is their heritage expressed in the products but also in their social media accounts, which they use as tools for enchanting consumers, just like they did with the royal families in the past centuries. All of their social accounts reflect the rarity, excellence in craftsmanship and extravagance that distinguishes Cartier. Along with the innovation in product development, they keep innovating and reinforcing their marketing strategy by adding channels that garner new opportunities, like Snapchat. This makes them stand out from most competitors in the Fine Jewelry industry, that only limit their social media marketing to a couple of platforms. Cartier’s strategy helps the brand expand their network and increase their community’s loyalty by storytelling. They continuously portrait their luxurious heritage, years of experience, tradition and detailing in every post and product they develop, and still manage to keep relevant to this period of time. Therefore, they are not only the “King of Jewelers” like King Edward VII said, but also Kings of Social Media in their industry.

Cartier, Biennale Des Antiquaires

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own