Today’s the day to decide

After going through much of the mental fuckups, I think it is better to do one thing in a dedicated manner than doing more things. You just have to do it completely immersing yourself in it. Although it is tough choice to make but I think it is completely necessary to make one. Your success and failure is not on your hand, but if you are dedicated to doing just one shit perfectly you have more chances of success rather than doing more things and be average in all of them.

Confused sense of mind and being insecure

Insecurity is that one bitch which never let you do in anything and always keep you in analysis and paralysis situation. You need to evolve and just go with it. It should really need to change in my case. I hate this mental situation and is just keeping me in the sense of doing nothing about it.

Remember in the long run we are all dead. So these are the years where you can do something about yourself.

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