Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Review

The Yamaha F335 Guitar is no doubt one of the very affordable models of Yamaha, one of the reliable acoustic guitar brands. This instrument is properly built to serve the owner for good amount of years, and the manufacturer has employed their long years of professional experience to the design of this equipment.

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This guitar is one of the nice instruments to take with you on a musical road trip and at campfire events. You will definitely not miss out on any of the feeling of the moments, whether the atmosphere requires a blues song, jazz or other genre of music.

We can begin reviewing the Yamaha F335 right away to discover the best reasons there may be to own one;


This acoustic guitar is made with laminated Spruce top, and a Meranti material for its back and sides. It has a tortoiseshell pick guard, and also Rosewood bridge and fingerboard. The gold die-cast tuners crown its beautiful appearance with some good taste; connecting the strings over the neck Meranti wood material which carries the fretboard.


This equipment is built to have a full dreadnought body style with a cheap Meranti wood that feels almost like plastic, and a narrow neck design. It has more laminate to compensate for its poor wood quality that appears unreal, this is a weak selling point for the F335 guitar.

The instrument comes a natural and quite vintage colour, and also having varieties of Tobacco brown Sunburst which has a different neck wood material of Nato instead of Meranti. It comes also in black solid colour that looks enticing, and a closely related FD01S original version that comes with a naturally solid colour, but is increased in cost with $10 because of its Mahogany neck material.


The laminated wood used for the instrument top makes notes to disappear as they do not sound like real wood materials. It sounds muddy, so the player may have to press the strings harder to achieve certain chords; and learners may have to go for better models of the Yamaha brand if they want to quickly develop good musical ears.

The sound projections have been noticed to be very low standard by professionals, but newbies who have not used some other acoustic guitars will easily settle to struggle with it. The tune control of the F335 is stable with fair consistency, but not entirely enjoyable sounds.


This guitar plays quite high notes straight out of the box, and players have to strum really hard to hit chords. It actually seemed that the company ignored the playing comfort of the low budget enthusiasts who this product may be targeting.

The strumming feels very sturdy, and the playing comfort is less impressive. It is not a versatile equipment that can hit different genres of music conveniently in the hands of just any player when they all have different playing styles.

This acoustic guitar stands a chance in the market as a cheap practice equipment for school musicals, or gifts to children guitar enthusiasts. The owners of this Yamaha F335 model may have to just begin with it briefly and move onto improved models for better learning.


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