Without prompt feedback, I’d have gone splat

Feedback is a gift.

Giving great feedback is an art and a science.

At Box, we have two formal times when we document feedback:

  • The Year End Review — a management-led process that combines personal assessment and community assessments
  • The Mid-Year Review — a management-led process that is much more lightweight and focused on more of a check-in or promo moment

For mid-year reviews, I encourage teams to document their assessments and comments for each other as a “Peer Feedback” review. They give each other non-anonymous documentation of any constructive or positive feedback they have for each other.

For any…

August 1991, San Francisco State University. We were working in the studio, hustling around to try to prepare for a big show with a musical guest. I was up on the lighting grid, adjusting a couple spotlights. I had a grip below me; a gaffer at the light board; the three camera operators were wheeling their cameras into place; the set designer was nailing up some last pieces; the audio operator was labeling the board and the audio assistant was taping cables down. …

Andrew Coven

Create. Connect. Inspire. Pivot. Learn. Thoughts about new media from Andrew Coven, Silicon Valley Multimedia Enthusiast.

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