As a new company, you want to start your e-commerce business in a stable manner. This means staying stable, minimizing unnecessary expenses and taking advantage of valuable opportunities.

WooCommerce helps small businesses achieve this goal in the following ways:

  • Allows you to add limitless products
  • Allows you to add product attributes.
  • It will work on all devices.
  • Once installed, it’s all yours. It comes with a variety of customization options that are easy to use
  • You can control everything you want.
  • It is very easy to install and use.
  • It provides an intuitive interface and does not need any coding skills to handle it.
  • It comes with feedback and feedback from users, which means you can give your customers the freedom to evaluate their products.
  • This is more like a bonus. It will be a piece of cake for people who already have their WordPress sites

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The choices are endless but here are popular official WooCommerce extensions they are:

WooCommerce Product Table

  • List the WooCommerce products in a classifiable and searchable table view.
  • Ideal for product lists, quick order forms, commercial or wholesale sites and more. The perfect way to increase WooCommerce conversion rates.


  • Woocommerce extra product options with 2 new plugins that allow you to hide or protect parts or all of a WooCommerce store.
  • Suitable for public shops with wholesale areas, customer-specific products or complete stores for members only.

Table Rate Shipping

Add more advanced shipping options to WooCommerce, such as weight-based shipping.

Aelia Internationalisation

  • A range of accessories designed to internationalize a WooCommerce store, for example. multi-currency support.
  • WooCommerce Password Protected Categories and WooCommerce Private

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WooCommerce Bookings

  • Create a new WooCommerce product type with calendar and date selector

Woo Subscriptions

  • It allows you to sell WooCommerce products( including woocommerce product addons) with continuous subscriptions and recurring payments

The Events Calendar

  • Use WooCommerce to create an event website with several add-ons that include events that can be booked and community events.

Space for growth

  • As simple as WooCommerce is like an e-commerce platform.
  • It also allows you to manage some growth and expansion in terms of products, store management, and customers.
  • For example, editing templates become easier if users want to run it directly through theme files or if you use a lot of hooks and filters.
  • WooCommerce also has several APIs ready to be used to create extensions, as well as an extensive library of documentation, so that users can know how WooCommerce works, and what are the woocommerce product addons inside and outside.

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Applications in abundance

  • At present, WooCommerce has the ability to help any aspiring online merchant configure and manage their business in an easy and professional manner.
  • However, for those looking for additional features, WooCommerce once again does not disappoint.
  • They have lots of woocommerce custom product field
  • There are hundreds of WooCommerce extensions available, some of which are free and others pay.
  • From these extensions, you can find applications related to accounting, payment gateways, marketing, reports and more.

Acowebs are developers of WooCommerce plugins that will help you customize your store and also aid extra WooCommerce custom product addons that are light and fast. Supercharge your WooCommerce store with these plugins and enjoy a hassle-free experience.