Easily Organize Your UTM Links (Steal This Free Spreadsheet)

UTM links are one of the easiest and simple ways to track the behavior of your web visitors, and ultimately your marketing effort ROI.

That’s why I’m releasing this tiny Sheet to help you stay organized with your UTM link building:

View the file here.

File -> Make A Copy to your own account for easy usage.

It’s a simple way to keep organized within your team, and you don’t have to worry about making the links yourself.

The last column (UTM Code) is a formula to help you construct the proper links:

=IF(ISBLANK(A2), “”, LOWER( SUBSTITUTE(CONCATENATE(A2, “?”, IF(ISBLANK(B2), “”, CONCATENATE(“&utm_source=”,B2)), IF(ISBLANK(C2), “”, CONCATENATE(“&utm_medium=”,C2)), IF(ISBLANK(D2), “”, CONCATENATE(“&utm_campaign=”,D2)), IF(ISBLANK(E2), “”, CONCATENATE(“&utm_content=”,E2)), IF(ISBLANK(F2), “”, CONCATENATE(“&utm_term=”,F2)) ), “ “, “_” )))

All you have to do is fill out the URL and the variables you want to track, and the link will build for you in that UTM Code column.

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PS: This UTM Code formula will work for Microsoft Excel too, not just Google Sheets.