Mass LinkedIn Request Without 3rd Party Software

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to mass-follow without tools. I’ve never come across a tool that does this for LinkedIn, but I’m sure there is something out there that does it for you.

Required: Desktop & Web browser with JS console.

1) Login + search LinkedIn for a group of people, and click “People”. For example, if you sell services to plumbers, look for a plumbers in your area.

2) Open your javascript console (different for each browser. If you need help on this let me know in the comments)

3) Paste in this javascript snippet:
**Be sure to replace line #24 with your own custom message**

If your interface is different that what you see above, you’ll have to modify this script.

What this does:

It simulates a click on every “Connect” button on the page, then it clicks “Send Note”, and it adds in a custom Invitation note, and hits “Send Invitation”, and cycles through the next one. It will also auto-paginate when there are no more on the page.

That’s it.

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PPS: Don’t abuse this. LinkedIn does rate limit you. Stay out of the dog house by only doing this in short spurts, 200–300 people every few days.

PPPS: Who am I? Jordan Coeyman — I run SendGrowth & OptKit