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A consensus needs strong voices.

The data that makes up each Acqurate Score is derived from a consensus of reviews from our community of experts. As a contributor you can write your own reviews or, at Level 2, enter especially compelling reviews you find elsewhere online.

You can review any item in Acqurate’s system:

  • Choose the attributes you want to review,
  • Open an item’s page,
  • Click the “+” icon in the top right to post a review.


Acqurate prompts you to rate the individual attributes of an item with a numerical score and a description that supports the score.

To make sense of the wide range of products, both in terms of price and quality, Acqurate has developed a system of statistical analysis that generates a “likely” scoring range. It is based on the price of the item and references all other items and reviews on Acqurate. Choose from the high-end of this range if the product outshines its competitors, or at the low-end if you find it underwhelming. You may score outside the range if the product performs extraordinarily. More subjective attributes like “Design” and Comfort” do not correlate as strictly with price and you will note they have wider ranges of likely scores.

Each attribute in the Review Form has an “How to review” pop-up. These are evolving best-practices. If you have suggestions for these, please email us ( AtLevel 5, you can improve these directly.


If you find an informative review from another source and you would like to enter it into the system, please do. Simply cut and paste excerpts of text, (less than 30 words for purposes of fair-use copyright), and a corresponding numerical score for each attribute. Link back to the original review. Enter the site you found it on and the author’s name.


Acqurate also lets you compare products head-to-head with each other. From any product page, just click “Review Additional Item” and select the brand and model.

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