How This App Solved my Podcasting Woes

The Podcast App that’s made my Travelling fun again.

A while ago, I was sandwiched on a train, travelling to visit my brother. The trip’s long, so I downloaded a podcast to help make the journey go faster.

And I couldn’t hear a god damn thing.

Why? Because the other passengers loud. Very loud.

They must have thought they were at a Justin Bieber gig.

How was I to hear my podcast in a place like this?

When I arrived, my brother asked about my trip. I think he must have noticed my frustration because after I told him, he said he knew the answer.

He told me about Outcast.

“The great thing about it,” he said, “is that it you can hear it even there’s noise.”

What is Outcast?

Created by Marco Arment — the man behind Tumblr — the free podcasting app has unique features that sets itself apart.

What are these features? Amongst others, there is the Voice Boost feature.

What is Voice Boost?

Voice Boost equalizes the sound of the podcast, delivering much better audio. If the voice is of low quality, it ‘boosts’ it so it can be heard — all without the added distortion.

Imagine you’re a listener of independently-made podcasts. The sound is usually poor compared with the pros with $1000 microphones. Voice Boost will improve clarity tenfold.

Once you’ve Used Voice Boost — You’ll Never go Back!

I downloaded Outcast before I started the return trip. I switched on Voice Boost. I hoped it would fix the issues I had.

It really did.

The same inaudible podcast became audible. I heard everything — even in mayhem of the train passengers.

If you want to turn those noisy journeys into podcast zones, DOWNLOAD OUTCAST from the App Store or Google Store today.

It’s Free, after all!

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