This is really documentation for my .profile in the form of a blog post. I detail the utilities that I use on daily base via function definitions on this file and a little of what I have learned maintaining this file.

Better Terminal Handling

I separate the code side on the .profile and then the private variables (not suitable for publication) on .bashrc.

Meta Documentation

In order to generate the gist for this post, I execute the following to create a gist from the command line:

A="Authorization: token $GITHUB_PAT"
C=$(jq -R -s . ~/.profile)
B='{"public":true,"files":{"":{"content": '$C'}}}'
curl -v -H "$A" -X POST -d "$B"

This is an overdue trip report from our Summer 2015 Dolomites three-day trekking. On that summer we embarked in a hut-to-hut hiking trip in the Dolomites region in northern Italy. It was one of the best trips we have taken as a family. Before taking on the challenge, we were wondering if the kids (10, 8 and 6 at the time) were going to have a good experience. Fortunately they had a very good time. They have since asked us several times whether we can go back.

Teller and Reagan
Teller and Reagan

I had finished a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Stanford University and was working at a think tank (in the Bay Area) when I had a short conversation with a hungarian friend:

“So what have you been up to?” I said

“Oh, not much, reading a biography in Hungarian back to its own author

“Really, who’s the author?

“You probably don’t know who he is: Edvard Teller

Did I know who he was! After reading and becoming obsessed with understanding how the people that created the bomb transformed theory into weapons and with…

I saw this movie recently in an airplane. Had been wanting to see it for a time now.

I really wanted to like it. I really appreciate the type of relationship I thought this movie was about: Salieri and Mozart, Bruno and Charlie Parker/Jhonny Carter. Dave Foster Wallace seems to be an icon of this generation. One third Wharhol, with his addoration for popular culture, one third Silicon Valley bookish nerd and one third Hemingway, suicide and everything.

Lipsky and Wallace
Lipsky and Wallace

The movie sets off in the right path. But Jesse Enseinberg seems to be “too something” for this role. I cannot quite…

I really like . It’s a great little app and I am using it more and more like I would use Evernote. In fact, it is the application I wish Evernote was. Of course, to be at the Evernote level, Quiver would need to have automatic synching in the cloud, a web (and iOS) app, sharing, etc. But the lack of all this is a feature, not a bug. I mainly use Quiver as a Markdown editor but I love how things are organized and how I can access my notes really quickly. See below for my wish list.


Trip Map
Trip Map


So I have a bunch of photos taken with my iPhone, mainly shot in the mountains, and I would like to extract a GPS Path in the form of a file. Once I have the GPX file I can load it into any mapping tool that supports it. For example here is an image of an intermediate result in the MAC OS X app :

Extracting Latitude and Longitude

I wanted to keep the solution as lightweight as possible, so to do that I used a script in conjunction with a utility (that I did not know existed) in Mac OS…

I describe a way to deploy static Github Project Pages auto-magically from main repository (without the need for Jekyll).

Github Page Project Flow
Github Page Project Flow


I think is the best thing since sliced bread. But I find it cumbersome to maintain two repositories, one for code the other for documentation (master and gh-pages). There are articles like Lea Verou’s (see comments for additional options) discussing how to keep the two in sync, or at least how to push the docs to the gh-pages repo.

And there is GitHub’s that automatically generates a page based…

I saw this movie (for the n-th time) last night with the kids. This movie is as great for the things said as it is for its silences.


It has a great cast but the best of them all is in my opinion. I did not know this until recently, but Max was ranked in top 100 chess players in the US for his age group at the time the movie was filmed. The way Max moves and the way he observes the adults in his world transmits just as much, or more than the dialogue. …

This are the utilities that I find indispensable on the Mac. I have a minimalistic approach to managing the apps in my desktop. They really have to prove their worth to be there. Here they are in alphabetical order.



Password Vault and Form Filler

This is probably my most essential utility. I have literally hundreds of entries, my password, my kids important document numbers, photos of passports old and new, etc. I love pressing Cmd + / to fill a password in any web page I might be, across browsers. Kudos. …

Yesterday I saw the news that a new had been found. Geeky piece of news you might say. But it is interesting on a couple of notes:

  • It was done via a massive “prime-hunt” called GIMPS (see below)
  • Larger and larger primes are needed for the encryption keys that keep our Amazon account secure

The prime is $2^{74,207,281}-1$ and it is 22,338,618 digits long. There are people obsessed about comparing things to a (a one followed by 100 zeroes) since the not-named search engine came around. So this prime is a tad larger than a Googol.


Andres Rodriguez

Interested in (almost) everything. AI/ML Researcher once upon a time. Tech-preneur nowadays.

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