Makers Academy Remote — Beginnings

Its taken a while for me to finally jump in with both feet but this week marks the official start of my journey to become a web developer as part of Makers Academy Remote July 2016 cohort. Having quit a successful job in Global Mobility at a big 4 accountancy firm I’ve had a few moments of self doubt but I’m excited to FINALLY be on the road to doing something that I have dreamed about since graduating university 9 years ago.

It’s not been the smoothest as starts so far as there was a slight overlap of vacation into the first week of the pre-course work which meant I missed the launch event and was late starting the first weekly challenge. Thankfully I’m almost up to date now and have (mostly) got to grips with my first time using a MacBook Pro after being a long time Apple hater. Times-a-changing!

The first challenge to get to grips with the command line and Git is really fun and involves a murder mystery where you need to search through huge files of police reports to try to work out whodunnit using just command line prompts while maintaining version control with Git. The materials and instructions have all been clear and straight forward so far and its not felt like too much of an effort to learn things thanks to the inventive challenge and structured approach that the Makers team have put in place.

Now to finish the challenge and get prepped for next week!