An Open Letter To James Eadie QC.

How do James?

Or can I call you Jimmy Boy? No? Fair enough. Your call mate.

Let me start by saying that I hate this passive aggressive Open Letter bullshit as much as the next man/women but I called 118118 and, after trying to flog me a £20k loan and some public liability insurance, they admitted that they didn’t have your direct line.


Open Letter it is then.

Today, on behalf of the government, you told the Supreme Court that, following the EU referendum, the government using its powers to activate Article 50 without a Parliamentary vote would be “entirely consistent with the will of Parliament.”

Am I the only one who thinks that allowing the government to speak assumptively on behalf of Parliament, on record, in the Supreme Court, sets a precedent that is a little tiny bit bowel voidingly fucking terrifying?

Isn’t there, in a Parliamentary Democracy, a fairly well established process for deciding the will of Parliament in relation to a particular policy?

Isn’t the fairly well established Parliamentary process for deciding the will of Parliament in relation a Parliamentary democracy actually allowing Parliament to actually fucking vote on it?

Perhaps I’m wrong.

Unlike you, I don’t have any formal legal training.

To the best of my knowledge, the only time I’ve worn a wig in public was whilst watching The Rocky Horror Show and on that particular night the only thought I gave to the law of the land was related to whether or not the fairly frequent appearance of one of my bollocks from inside a very poorly chosen pair of hot pants might cause me to fall foul of it’s provisions pertaining to public indecency.

So please enlighten me as to why, considering they are so certain of Parliament’s will in relation to the triggering of Article 50, your governmental paymasters, instead of simply allowing Parliament to vote on it, are torching a metric (using that one whilst I still can) fuck ton of public money in an attempt to subvert a fundamental principle of Parliamentary Democracy?

Love & Kisses