From being the one creating life to being the one curating it, being a woman is simply exotic. Each and every woman, in their own idiosyncratic ways carries a purpose, a reason and an unnerving story. To fulfill and embellish which, the whole universe comes together. Ever wondered why are diamonds and songs dedicated to you? It’s to complement your charisma. The most premium dedication that happened to us is accessorizing, a medium to fuel our identities. Isn’t it fascinating how the world is progressing to meet our needs, how its developing to make sure our happiness is delivered to us directly at home? Where once upon a time jewellery was a rarity, today its come to times where all forms of jewellery are easily available online. Where once accessories came with a limit, today there are customized avenues to match your needs. It’s a matter of joy that we have to us a virtual wardrobe to pick from, to relish and to command over.

Accessories are the closest material things that aid us in expressing how we are. So what if there’s too much to do? The world is altering itself to suit our needs. Hence, to the multi-taskers in you it’s time to pick some funky rings online, or go on an online shopping spree, to live our accessory story and relish all the perks of being a woman.

The world has always despised how we are capable of turning a system into turmoil with the tornado of our moods. I profuse, let these moods be a weapon of our prowess. We need not alter ourselves according to our moods and their swings. Instead, our moods will alter the things around us. Lets apply this theory into practice. For example take scarves. Imagine a bad sunny day start, a pissed of day, and a range of beautiful scarves available online. In such case, how can your mood benefit you as well as help you calm? Here’s how.

  1. On a bad mood day, pick a scarf that suits your mood. Maybe a dark brown scarf, to match the dullness, or a dark red layered scarf to match the turbulence of your heart.
  2. Simply cart your choice, and wait for its arrival.
  3. 50% of your agony has subsided. What remains is only anticipation.
  4. When your scarf arrives, just follow the below mentioned routes to alter its uses, and you will know how this simple accessory ordered online on a bad mood day, is capable of suiting each and every mood of yours.


Before coming to that let me share with you a piece of precious information. Scarves originated in ancient Rome and were used by royalties as a ‘sweat cloth’ and were symbolic of a person’s status. Soon with time, these became the most essential fashion accessory calling in designers of all sorts. 
With time, apart from being a warm cloth or a heat prevented, this very scarf was channelized into multiple uses to meet the many moods and looks of women. Here’s how it can match all your moods:

  1. On a bad hair day: Use your scarf as a headwrap, covering all your hair. Couple up with a pair of handsome shades and classy studs or long earrings. And you’re good to go.
  2. On a lost-my-hairband-day: Big deal! Take out your neck scarf, twist it into a rope, tie it around as a hair band, or bun it up with the ends left lose.
  3. On a bored-of-leather belts day: Your waistline deserves so much more than the monotonous black/brown belt. So instead, let the scarf do a tour around your waist, tuck in that plain black top and flaunt your waistline like never before.
  4. On a feel-like-flashing day: Some days all we want is little attention. So why wait for it, we can surely make that happen. Go contrast with your scarves and dresses, look up for the many ways to tie a scarf around your neck and walk the road like it’s your ramp that day.
  5. On a old-bag day: Tired of carrying the same bag on your shoulder? Tie the scarf all the way around the bag handles and revamp the look of your bag. Have a new bag everyday if you may.
  6. On a lack-of-clothes day: If your scarf is just a little bigger, it’s capable of turning into a beautiful Kimono, the art of which you can easily find online.
  7. On a sick-of-my-room day: Fancy, oblong scarves with eye catching patterns and prints, can help you change the look of your room. Nail a scarf along the length of a boring wall, or frame an old vintage and hang it in your room. What’s best is, you can keep changing the scarves to give a new look each day.
  8. On an idle day: If there’s not so much happening in your day. Collect all your scarves and patch them up, turn them into unique pillow covers, or bed sheets, and even more interesting into curtains. Maybe gift your best friend this, and there’s nothing more emotional you could have done.
  9. On the redoing your cupboard day: Just while doing so if you realize you balled up many scarves in a drawer and that your cupboard is boring. Just collect all your hangers twist the many scarves around each, and you will have your cupboard fresh and colorful.
  10. On a sad-footwear day: A unique use of scarves is to twirl them around your plain footwear, knuckle them around your ankles and make fancy your footwear.

See, how tremendous can one simple accessory turn out to be. The simple inexpensive piece is so capable of matching all your needs. So all you woman, remember be it funky rings online or scarves for woman, every accessory can help you build a new story each day.

With a hoard of online fashion jewellery your virtual wardrobe is as powerful as you are. Go Get Them Girls.