Brand Identity & Website Design is the first comprehensive online fruits & Vegetables store in Ahmedabad. I was honored to have had the pleasure to help them with all of their design needs: logo, business cards, website, menus, interior, promotional materials, delivery vehicle branding and more.

Getting started

Anuj Jasani, the business owner of, contacted me earlier this year (who found me through our mutual friends) and he wanted to rebrand & make over their old business identity starting with their logo and then the website.

After a few initial emails and meetings clarifying Anuj’s needs, I sent Anuj a four-page logo design questionnaire form (PDF) which was promptly filled out. I then sent a proposal & an agreement and then received a 50% deposit.

I also sent him a web design questionnaire for the website design(which we will discuss later in this post)

The Design Brief

After Anuj had filled out the questionnaire I had most of the information that I needed to start on the logo design. There were a few other emails clarifying things but basically all the information was there.

Here is a bit of background information on logo

We are Changing the way people purchase fruits and vegetables. All our products are fresh and 100% hygienic, and are checked for quality before shipping. our main target people will be like whom taking out time for fetching vegetables is a task! (most probably womens)

After reading through Anuj’s completed logo questionnaire, I found in short that he wanted a logo that portrayed his whole business model.The logo also had to be suitable for the web, business cards & t-shirts.


I took research as more of an opportunity to engage, Engage heavily and for me engaging means getting into it completely
Meeting with Anuj
visiting his suppliers at 5am early morning (yeah that's when the fresh goodies arrives )

Upon receiving the initial 50% deposit for the logo and signed an agreement, I then started researching what was needed for the project. This included looking up Anuj’s competitors (that he provided & my findings), researching the industry and searching for other logos in the industry, among other things.

Cold Storages(felt like Himalayas in Ahmedabad)
Visiting Store in off hours

Research is a critical stage in the logo design process as this ensures that your logo will differ from the competitors and it also sets a benchmark.

I spent time carefully analyzing his process. I made myself able to understand his approach, the way he works, his vision and his philosophy. This is an important step because this allow to get the perspective of his potential customers.

Sketching & Development

The next stage of the project was developing the logo. Developing the logo design concept is where creativity comes into play. Based on the design brief and research conducted, this is where I let my ideas run wild. I brainstormed and sketched down my ideas and then experimented with them on the computer. I also had breaks between these sessions so I could reflect on the designs and have a fresh perspective on the job at hand which is a crucial part of the process when designing a logo.

The challenge that I had when creating the Vegetablebazzar logo was trying to incorporate fruits and vegetables into the logo while still making it look feminine … I got around this problem by brainstorming and word association. My thought process went something like this: Vegetable > Bazaar >fruits >feminine> Vegetablesbazaar Scripted or handwritten with fruits and vegetables.

Final sketch

One should also remember that simplicity in logo design is the key. The simpler a logo is, the more memorable and adaptable it is. In nearly all cases, less is more.

Designing the visuals

I put together a simple but classic business card design which was printed on a thick white matte stock to give it a quality look and feel. We wanted to convey a fresh, pure company profile with a focus on a fresh fruits and vegetables.

With the branding figured out, it was time to start working on the website. The aim here was to design a clean and simple website with a fresh feel to it. I sketched out a few quick concepts for the homepage and then got straight into Photoshop.

The responsive website, which is fully powered by Magento and flat colours are used throughout to be consistent with the logo design.

I was greatly appreciative of the opportunity to work with my client to help build them a solid brand and web presence. We enjoyed working together during the creative process and we’re all very happy with the result. I hope their investment brings them long-term gains in the years to come.

Comments are welcome as always. If you are interested in more articles outlining my design process fly over to my profile.

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