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I am an old man that lived during the so called apartheid years. If this was written in 1980’s I could have understood. Why do you feel so inferior ?

After 20 years there are racial laws instituted by the present government such the Labour equity act that discriminate against white people born after 1994.
This institutes a quota system based on skin colour. Why is SARS exempt from this law? There are many white tannies working there.

Is it the 1,8 mil whites left in this country that is the cause of the Rands devaluation? Why is South Africa demoted from the biggest economy in Africa to third biggest? Why do we have more fatal mining accidents since the whites have been removed from the work face? Why have the number of listed companies (work givers) gone down from 7000 in 1994 to less than 700 in 2016? Oh I guess that is all those apartheid whites, that refused to touch a black child’s hand, that left the country.

Why did the present government not build a single university in 20 years?
They actually reduced the tertiary education (that barely coped with the requirements of 5 million whites ) from 17 to 9 institutions since 1994. These institutions now have to cope with the requirements of 50 million inhabitants excluding foreigners. How come that the majority schools in the so called black areas and townships were build during the apartheid years.More than 20 years ago. Who build Fort Hare? Who build the University of the North? to name a few. And why?

Why do we have unemployment of 26.9%? The highest in the history of this country. If you blame the whites for that then are the whites then the only ones that can create jobs? Despite discrimination against them in the Department of Trade and Industries.

On the land issue: Take back the land. You have the power. Just remember that who will feed the majority of people in the cities? The track record of the people that received land restitution speaks for it self: 150,000 hectares of former food producing farms are laying waste.

Any way it is easy to get rid of the 1,8 million white South Africans left in this country. I hear gunshots at least once a week in my neighborhood. We regularly have funerals for those that were not successful in defending themselves. So I guess someone’s extermination program is busy. Do I hear someone mentioning farm murders? How come it is mostly black on white attacks? Shouldn’t it be the other way round? If white tannies are so abhorred of black children.That is the impression that your article conveys.

Yes what seem as privilege to you was long and hard work. When most blacks were asleep. We burned midnight oil. We have a saying “He who sleeps more than 4 hours a day wastes time. We earned our privileges. I myself had to fend for myself whilst studying at the university. There were no state subsidies. I paid my way every cent. Every holiday I worked double shifts everyday just to have enough to pay for my tuition.And so did every other student. That is why we had such high pass rates. That is what we passed on to our children. That is putting treasure where no thief can break in. Is it then a crime to use that knowledge to better one self and become “privileged”?

During apartheid blacks were required to pay R2.50 a year tax. For that they received the same quality medical and educational means as whites. Because whites were to lazy to a compile separate curriculum. A brain surgery would have cost a white person anything from R20000 to R50000 compared to 50c from a black person in 1977.

Being black is not the issue. Being misinformed is. The land was not taken from the blacks by force. But bought as documented at the time. Andries Pretorius was the first freedom fighter against Colonialism. And yes he lost the war against the colonial power. Since then we had to adhere to the Rules of the British Crown. After 1914 the British Crown required land as compensation to veteran soldiers in the First world war hence the land resitution only from 1910. The colonial power also instituted “ the whites only rule” as is evidenced right through the Empire from China to Jamaica. But in 1961 South Africa became a republic. In 1972 we opened negotiations with the ANC in a white train over the Zambesi between Zambia and what is now Zimbabwe. You will most probably not know a man by the name of John Vorster,who was president at the time. As leader of white apartheid South Africa he was not adverse to taking a blackman’s hand. . But ask Thabo Mbeki what he was doing at the Carlton hotel in 1979? Who were they negotiating with and on what?. Where do you think the 1,8 million trained civil servants came from in 1994? Who trained them in civil service during the 1980's? Do the term homelands ring a bell? But then you were still in diapers then.

You are worried about a single tannie. I know at least 7000 white farmers that realize that if they do not treat their laborers right and with respect they loose their business/farm. They have to. Most of them foot the medical bill, provide housing, transportation and numerous other amenities. And you have a gripe that a tannie do not want to associate with you? Why should she touch you? Do you attach yourself to every person you meet. I am quite sure that if I was buying toffies from her she would also put the money on the counter for me too. Some people are like that. Or have one not read the part in the constitution that talks about “freedom of association”. AND THAT WAS WRITTEN BY BLACKS. Why do you create the image that whites have to take the blame for every thing, and leave out the good that the whites did bring? You are driving a car developed by whites. You talk on a phone developed by whites. This county is run on technology developed by whites. What have you done that benefited this country? T.O. this is not on you personally but to all coconuts that think like you. You want so much to have what whites have that physical contact is of prime importance. So much to the point that you have passed laws that deprive them of those things that they posses .

Instead of doing the president has asked us to do: To work together for a better South Africa I find this biased attitude very anti-productive. But then you are not well informed and have only your little child experience to count on. The same with most of the youth of today : Black and White. Get informed. You are shaping the future of this country today. We left you the biggest economy in Africa. It can be so again. 1,8 million whites is not a factor compared to 50 million blacks. So stop beating a dead dog.

We have a great country to rebuild after the mess since 2010. We can not change what happened in the past. We do not know what will happen in the future. We can only work with what we have today. The black people in this country have a super capacity for compassion and tolerance. I have many black friends of good standing and they definitely do not share your views. Let us not destroy that with negative experiences. Unless we put South Africa first, together and learn out of history, keeping the good from that era, I fear that we are walking backwards into the future. Unless we respect each other then what is the use. I am just tired of people who do not turn and face the future.

And Danny 
You are right. You are the product of my children’s generation who had to work so hard that they did not spend time to equip you with tough love. Rather they pampered you. It is a pity they did not continue in the wisdom of my father. Thus today there is a huge gap between your generation and mine. That gap is there because a lot of our sons and daughters ( role models) have left this country for countries where they got the opportunities that was denied to them here simply because they are white. That is why you find very young ill equipped men and women and old men like me left in the various professions with no middle age group.

In about 10 years time the brain drain will be complete when my generation will be gone. Then the people will not have the benefit of that experience any more. They will just repeat all the mistake we made because they do not read books. Then I wonder who will be blamed? Tantrums or not my bet is it will be on apartheid. So you see this whole white issue will just literally die out anyway.

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