Free-Will & Willpower Are Becoming A Thing Of The Past. Here’s What You Can Do About It.
Benjamin P. Hardy

You can try to control your environment, sure, and can do so fairly easily when talking about your home. But step beyond that, and you’re in a consensual space you must share with many, many others. That’s why it’s always good to develop and tailor your INNER environment as much as possible. Certainty about oneself is achievable, though certainty in the world beyond is not, and have never been…though through the ages (and especially now) we make ourselves believe the outside world can be certain and in our control. That quest has been the engine behind some of our worst behaviors as a species.

I agree with this article when it comes to the claims that much of what we do is from habit, but I don’t think we should despair that habit is so overpowering. Mindfulness, conscious direction and intention…we are still capable of these things. I don’t share the depth of seeming pessimism about our ability to shrug off or break the cycle of addiction. Believing we are powerless makes us powerless, especially within our minds.

I agree that our communication technology, which is powerful unlike any other time in history, is now threatening to swallow us with stimuli. But letting ourselves believe we have a huge, hard fight is self-fulfilling prophecy. If we think ourselves capable and powerful, then we ARE capable and powerful. If we think the opposite, then we are the opposite: weak, given over completely to animal whims of our biology. Check out The Power of Habit if you haven’t already. There’s an escape habit escape hatch within you, if you set your intention to escape.

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