Tomorrow Burn Event of 2.5+Million AFIT Tokens 🔥🔥🔥! Actifit BSC DEFI Project Under Works 👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻. Expected Launch Within April!

Tomorrow Burn Event of 2.5+ Million AFIT Tokens!

As part of reducing circulating supply on existing exchanges hive-engine and steem-engine, and in light with expanding to BSC, we plan to burn 2.5+ Million AFIT Tokens 🔥🔥🔥 on Hive-Engine & Steem-Engine.

The event is planned to take place tomorrow Friday 9th of April, 2021, at 9:00 AM UTC. Don’t be surprised of some surges of HEAT n SMOKE coming from the exchanges around that time.

Actifit New BSC Project Under Works 👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻. Expected Launch Within April!

As we are making progress onto bringing actifit into BSC, and launching new projects and…

Binance Smart Chain & DEFI Expansion!

As announced few days back, we’ve been making tons of progress on our anticipated expansion to Binance Smart Chain and introducing new DEFI products there!

It is starting to shape up, and we are working on finalizing some of the offerings and how the process will unfold.

We do have a major announcement this week, cool rewards, and lots of overdue improvements to actifit which you have been seeing come along the way.

We are planning on making it very rewarding and engaging for everyone taking part and helping out with the growth of…

Engagement Engagement .. Get Notified of new Comments on your Actifit (and all content) posts!

Yesterday we implemented a new feature as part of our engagement growing plan, which includes adding new type of notifications to both the mobile app and web version. This involves notifying you of any comments/replies you receive to your content on actifit, but also on hive in general! …

Actifit Expanding to Binance Smart Chain!

We promised you BIG THINGS, and THEY’RE COMING!

Over the last few months, and as the DEFI hype was kicking off, we contemplated for some time expanding Actifit to Ethereum, and potentially Binance Smart Chain.

Ethereum to us was not a viable option, clearly due to all the crazy gas fees. Binance Smart Chain was starting in its infancy, and were were monitoring how it unfolds. And boy that grew FAST!

Essentially our purpose in the expansion is three-fold:

  • First: Focus on growing the actifit community, expand our audience as well as the project overall.
  • Second: Introduce all those binance smart chain users to Hive. Hive is and…

As we announced few days back, and in alignment with our work on improving actifit user experience, we have been busy making changes and started rolling out some cool ones recently. Those involved changes to the layout of the products on actifit market. We find that the way the products were displayed was cluttering to the every day buyer, so we created a new collapsed mode of the products, and initiated the page under this format. …

Actifit Tutorials

As of Friday, we started creating video based tutorials that would make it easier for anyone using actifit to have readily available content, taking them step by step via the different sections/aspects of actifit.

The first video we launched was how to properly signup to actifit. This is essentially a high priority as we have been receiving a lot of support requests for signup, so it was a no-brainer to kick off with this.

You can find the video on both youtube and 3speak below. We plan to continuously roll out such content. …

Following up on our progress and announcements since EOY 2020, where we introduced the real fitness gadgets, we partnered with several projects across the crypto industry, and we launched our LiveFitChallenge event, we are getting ready to bring a lot of changes and growth to actifit!

We are considering major changes and improvements across our platform, that span tokenomics, branding, marketing, functionality, DF & N*Ts (let’s keep those a hint :D), new products & gadgets…

Ultimately our target is to grow actifit, our user base, and bring more and more users to hive blockchain, hey our favourite blockchain just turned…

We are delighted, after the conclusion of our #LiveFitChallenge2021 in partnership with Appics team, to be announcing the long awaited winners!

We’ve had an amazing the last few weeks, we would like to again thank both trainers @wil.metcalfe and @soldier for their life changing and inspiring workouts. Not to undermine of course their special guests as well, @umaoffical and @littlem ! Thank you.

In celebration of this, appics team (thanks Daniel as always for the great work) has prepared a pretty cool video capturing back the crazy and fun moments of those workouts. …

LiveFitChallenge2021 Results are out!!

Congrats to the participants and the winners alike 💪😃

Stay tuned for more great things coming soon !!

A photo by our actifitter @jasonbu

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