Amazingly Average Reminiscent Drug Diablo Parables: Preamble.

I was born in 1998 and coincidently not coincidently I have been a drug addict since 1998. Drug, Addict; let me help you understand that perplexingly simple dynamic duo mortal wordage combo because there is no way that this guy was railing eightballs right-nostril style of fishscale blow right out the womb.“Maaan it was an absolutely rager after my pops cut my umbilical cord,” said no 1. When I say drugs, you think…… I don’t have any idea, I’m not your conscious. Or am I? You were expecting an answer I assume. “Man this guy is absoletely, probably crazy”-____’s conscious.

I need to start a new paragraph before that tangent goes on a run longer than Forest Gump well in Forest Gump, you know Jenny’s Vietnam Veteran Baby Daddy who…. There I go again, I am now officially going to try and describe to you my definition of a drug. A “drug” (use fingers to physically demonstrate quotations” I mean) is anything. Wow, this guy must of graduated from fucking Harvard. Lol or laugh out loud for any of those old geezers that have as much idea of what their grandkids are talking about nowadays as their grandkids can relate to the time they met Ricky Ricardo in 76' surronded by Charlie in that god forsaken hell hole they called ‘Nam. As much as the previous tangent seemed off track, it is actually quite the opposite truth. Stories are the prefered drug of the elderly and they have perfected their skill over the years like fine wine unlike their skin. We all use stories, its just over the years we all realize with time that the greatest gift we can give to this world is our stories of humor and joy. The frist thing I hear at the weekly poker game with my woes at the local ole folks home is talk of their little Serena or Sam that just learned how to ride a bike. They forget all their usual groping and griping about the lack of help their poor soul gets a for a short time, they discuss the most beautiful thing in the world, the purest thing in the world, the thing they cherish the most in the world, tomorrow. They praise the belief of the future being as great and kind as their pubicent offspring of their offspring.

Yes, I don’t actually go to the “weekly poker game with my woes at the local ole folks home” blah blah blah ill start writing again when i have time to pursue hobbies. chanel. efforts.