frank underwood doesn’t know any boundaries to the game. he plays it, and creates lanes for himself through the use of his common sense and puzzle solving skills. what seems like complex calculated moves are just small pond sacrifices along with powerful position and potential energy. the use of the responsive strategy is key. do not wander out into the world without a purpose, life is literally like life. devise a direction and look around you for the “yellow brick road” to mastering a wanted skill. choose different skills slash hobbies in different categories in order to create a multi-mutualistic symbiotic relationship between all your investments of energy into this world. the world is now yours with the help of your large arsenal of activities that make you fill that so called hole in your life with fulfilled fun and self worth without crutches needed. energy can be calculated with time. effort decides the speed of time. confidently between me and you, i may not be right or wrong i am just a 18 year old, sitting stoned off/on my rocker, or rocket man wooooo, but hey ill be majoring in philosophy and minoring in statics most likely in January after a semester off to work so i think i have always had great interest in calculating intangible thought and navigating the boat into a sea of approachable understanding’s. then translating it into tangible examples of exchange displayed repeatedly in effort to create habit and or an addiction hearsay to joyful, fulfilled life. thats just my four hundred and twenty cents, ha ha.

anyway i would now like to discuss to you about lean just because all in all, i miss it like the momma bears misses her b__y. Wow man where did those two letter appear into your translation of tangible information to internal storage within your brain receptor. your mind naturally computes missing links to the broken chain and solves in this case the word puzzle. its not just chance for the probability would be 1/26 times 1/26, 1 in six times six equals thirty six plus 20 times 20 which is really (2 x 2= 4 add two zeroes) 400 add by 36, 436 fuck yah mental math man. or what did adam exclaim after the big man upstairs created a nude, beautiful eve? wooooooooman. be dum da *video of drum set in between joke esq*.

anyway as many may know or not, the legal distribution of the notorious “nzt” intelligence increaser drug, from limitless the movie and the tv series, both incredibly dank asf btw, will beginning to be administered to the masses. the drug induced the efficiency of the flow of neurons within the very nucleic acids of your brain. Nerve receptors generate the flow of brain neurons to the according parts of the brain. although in my opinion the use of the love of ma.

I’m going off on a tangent. i just put in my coccaine white apple surprisingly not red apple head phones . as i start of the album with no sleep intro, i am greeted with a very relatable stand point, “ i can’t even stand to sleep i got so much to say” “ ex drug dealer i used to flip a brick a day” half of half or so every couple of days. “recovering drug addict i used to smoke a pound a day” not but ehh.after a powerful blunt chorus the symphioctic incorporation is accompanied with peaks of extradonairy instumenation, legendary wizzop adlibs of course. Gucci is wise after his years in clink, in the hole, and now at the top. he speaks in proverbs to the trap and to the wanna be boss men. he leads by example through the incorpatrion of his weakness and states them as triumphs not downfalls. one must realize that sufferings is enviable, reaction is determinable. an newfound elegancy within the king of the trap’s cadency is also recognized for he has truly realized his niche within the worldly genre, music. despite it contents, gucci mane’s story by himself is inspiring. a man on a mission incorporated the use of vision and now look at his influence and the location of his pillow. blistering bumps of percussion and techno chime coincide along side a powerful testament of mission “ that if i aint a millionaire than my baby boy can grow a pussy”. arrogant no, spiteful yes. a declaration of war on any to try and step up to the potential wrath of seriousness hustle that is guwop. how you let a nigga in the feds out do ya which smirk at all the rappers that guwop would surpass in popularity slash revenue even within the federal petitionary and unable to actually work. guwops marathon studio times are historical. guwops legends provide credibility or atlas a sustained thirst for his stories of triumph over there enemy. whether it be over another drug dealer, 12, self doubts, world frustration, or even bithces. fluently Drake flows with a chorus of…… feel asleep. back on road.