Things Nesting in Lily Rush’s Hair

This is the Lily Rush character in the simplistic, earnest, chewing-up-the-scenery crime show “Cold Case.” Despite the show’s innumerable shortcomings and ultimate emptiness, I keep returning to it. Like continuing to chew a piece of gum long after the flavor is lost.

The show’s most extraordinary feature is the character’s hairstyles. Indeed, they’ve actually been lauded in the press.

I’m no stranger to sporting such dishevelment, but when I do, I hear about it. Mostly from my embarrassed mom, but often from well meaning friends who are doubtless wondering, “Does she ever wash that shit?” I usually slink away, wordlessly.

Lily, on the other hand, wears these confectioneries with confidence, arrogance even. She’s a tough nut, this character, a product of child abuse and neglect, a successful law enforcement professional, the queen of the hardbitten retort.

But I find myself wondering what’s living in that haystack. This is what keeps me coming back.

Herewith, my speculation on what that “do” is hiding:

a family of weasels
numerous gumballs
Jimmy Hoffa
several boyfriends
the treatments of next season’s shows
her vulnerability

I still watch, rerun after rerun, vainly hoping for the episode where she contracts (but bravely survives) cancer and has to shave her head.