Lovers Day

#Flashback to 2011 :

“So I was sitting here in the lobby of the Riverside YHA in Guangzhou 24hrs ago, just after midnight in Sat night, when I struck up a random conversation with a random young Chinese guy calling himself Nikki, who was a mainlander originally from Liao Ning Province but currently living in Hong Kong, after studying engineering at Hong Kong University.

Amongst our wide ranging conversation on infrastructure development, management, high speed train troubles, politics, law, education and change in China, he also told me that, importantly, he was in Guangzhou for just two days because Sat 6 August 2011 had been: 七夕节 qī xī jié

Otherwise know as:
“double seven festival, evening of seventh of lunar seventh month” and
“Chinese Valentine’s Day”!!!

When according to the cultural 寓言 yù yán fable that “牛郎织女 niú láng zhī nǚ Cowherd and Weaving Maid, are allowed their annual meeting”…

That would explain why when I was walking along the 珠江 Zhū jiāng Pearl River boulevard last night there was sooo many 爱人 ài ren Lovers out coupling by the River Lights and so many Rose vendors selling single roses for 5RMB!

I even got offered a free rose by a seller — a guy! ;) I think he meant for me to then give it to a 小姐 xiǎo jie! Hehehe

Anyway, what an auspicious date for my arrival onto China and first day hanging out in Guangzhou, just with no little Xiao Jie, of any nationality, with me… At the moment…. ;) ”

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